Ripped Body at 60, Is It Even Possible?

Still not sure whether this Muscle Pyramid stuff really works? Or maybe you think it’ll work for some guys, but probably not you?

Well, I’m here today to get in your face and say “WAKE UP… NOW”. I’m 60 years old! For the last two years I’ve been following the same system Greg uses, and I got totally RIPPED for the first time in my life.


Joe has achieved a great muscle definition at his age.

So, before we go any further, my question to you is: “If I’m 60 and can get this ripped, why not you?”

Joe Weaver Back Muscles

If Joe can do it, why couldn't you?

Think about it as you read my story. It’s going to take away all your excuses, one by one, until you realize you can do this thing. You can have the body of your dreams this year and you won’t have to wait till you’re 60 years old.

I’m going to lay out exactly what I did to get in killer shape and stay in this shape for the last year since those pictures were taken.  Then at the end of the article I’m going to throw in a picture of me taken a couple months ago titled ‘Abs at 60’. And I’ll tell you exactly what I did to get abs for the first time in my life.

Hello, My Name Is Joe and This Is My Story

I am Joe Weaver, and I live with my wife in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina,USA. I have three grown kids and two grand kids. My business is building and remodeling log homes. So, you can see that I’m just a normal guy like you.

I don’t do any of the actual hands on construction. So, if you think I built muscles by lifting logs everyday, forget it.

I was born with pretty average genes regarding muscles. Actually, I’ve spent the majority of my life looking a lot like Greg’s before picture.

All my life I always wanted to have a ripped body. I’ve tried many different programs and many different diets. When I was 28 I got close to my goal after following a strict low fat diet and lifting weights for two months. I looked great, and I was starting to get more attention from girls. Even my male friends were treating me with more respect.

But my diet and workouts were not sustainable. So, after a couple months my hard earned muscle started to fade away behind a slowly growing layer of fat and my enthusiasm for exercise dried up and disappeared. Sadly, I never got back to that level of fitness until thirty years later. Don’t let that happen to you.

Don’t let that happen to you!

A False Start

When I turned 56, I decided to try one last time to get in great shape. So, I spent my free time scouring the internet for something that would work. Maybe if I could just find the missing piece to this puzzle of diet and exercise, I could finally get a ripped body.

Two years later, I was making progress. I had purchased an online course. I had put on some muscle, but things were not turning out exactly the way I had hoped.

I was lifting as heavy as possible and doing lots of deadlifts and squats. I was eating big to get big. My weight had gone up about twenty pounds, but the places that saw the most gains were my butt and my gut.

Shirt-on I was beginning to look big, but shirt-off was a different story… I was fat.

Take a look:


It's great that you look big in your shirt, but do you want to be the guy who wears shirt at pool parties or would you rather look great in a shirt and have everyone staring at you once you walk shirtless on the beach?

To make things worse, I was losing interest in both the diet and the workouts. It just didn’t seem like things were going in the right direction. And after all the research I’d done, I was pretty discouraged.

The Big Breakthroughs

Luckily, at that point, I found the same information and advice that Greg is teaching today at Muscle Pyramid. This is ground breaking stuff that goes against 95% of the other fitness info you’ll find on the internet. It profoundly altered everything I thought I knew about getting in great shape. Years of accumulated fitness BS and half truths were wiped out as I tried the programs and then started to experience substantial progress toward my goals for the first time ever.

There are three main components to the system I used to get in the best shape of my life. And I did the majority of the work in just eleven months.

Building the Right Muscles

First, I discovered that if I wanted to build a ripped body, I had to focus my efforts on developing the muscles that accent the classic masculine ‘v’ taper.

So, I started following a program that included more exercises to develop the shoulders, chest and upper back. At the same time I did fewer exercises for my legs and glutes.

Slowly, my shoulders became wider, my pecs looked more squared off and my lats, traps and back got more filled out.

I wish I knew that this is the right approach when I was young!

Mastering Fat Loss

Secondly, I gave myself permission to get lean and athletic instead of big and bulky. I learned that the easiest way to do that is to create a calorie deficit over a period of a week.

I never did like counting calories or grams of macro-nutrients. But much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed intermittent fasting, and it was easy to fit into my schedule.

I began doing one or two lunch-to-lunch fasts a week, and the fat just seemed to melt away while I was still building muscle.

For me, it was the ultimate diet. I had complete control of how much fat I lost, and it was gentle enough that I didn’t experience any wild cravings or mood swings.

Boosting Performance

Then I discovered my third success component a couple months later, while reading an old book on exercise. I stumbled upon three obscure performance enhancing techniques and, on a whim, decided to try them out.

This system is a combination of three simple techniques that work together synergistically to produce more power and endurance, faster recovery and an ‘in the zone’ experience each time you train.

The cornerstone of this system is a unique nasal breathing protocol. It simultaneously calms your system while developing greater lung and work capacity.

Previously, I could only handle working out three times a week. But after a couple weeks of using this new system, I was up to 5-6 times a week. My recovery was crazy, and each workout was an energizing experience.

This tip will give you a taste of what I am talking about:

Try breathing through your nose, both inhale and exhale, while doing your workout. When you feel the need to use your mouth, back off until you can comfortably breathe through your nose again. At first you will have to dial back your intensity. It usually takes 3-8 weeks before you meet and then exceed your old performance levels.

I’ve written a book about this system titled The Vital Breath Performance System.

The major benefit for me is that it makes exercise sustainable. I tend to be a lazy person, but the ‘zone’ experience is so enjoyable, it becomes the reason to workout.

The Contest

After eleven months of great results, I decided to enter an online physique contest. That was in April, 2011, and the Adonis Index was having their fourth Transformation Contest, here’s a link – 4th Adonis Index Transformation Contest.

I entered the Men over 40 Open Category and got a professional photographer friend to take the pictures.

I could hardly believe it when I placed 2nd!

The guy that beat me was 42, and the kid that came in third was 40. After 60 years, I had the body of my dreams and it has been able to easy to maintain it ever since.

I truly achieved my goal and became ripped at 60!

Why It Works

This system is sustainable because it follows human nature instead of fighting against it. Read that line again because it is the key to success in all areas of life, especially building a great body.

Work out smarter not harder. Not only will you get there faster but you’ll be able to keep it for the rest of your life. That is the ultimate return on your investment and it will pay regular dividends every day.

All these extreme diets and workouts are great for a short period of time, but they don’t last because you eventually get burnt out, or bored. Then you drop out, fall off the workout wagon and find yourself in the same old rut.

But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a ripped body. Depending on where you are coming from it could take three months to two years. But then, since you have used a smarter approach that’s also sustainable, you can keep it for the rest of your life. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Abs at 60?

When the contest ended last April 2011, I was really pleased with my new body, but I didn’t have defined abs. I didn’t know if it was possible to get them at age 60. After all, I had never seen anybody my age with defined abs.

I thought, “I’ve come this far to get a ripped body, I’m not going to give up now”. So, I dreamed up a ten minute ab booster workout and added it to the beginning of my workout each day.

I did three sets of 12 reps with an ab wheel and I followed that with three sets of 15 rep of hanging leg raises (hanging knee raises during the first few weeks).

I followed this routine for two months and you can see the result below. Sorry my head is missing in that picture. My wife was shooting the photo and I think she got a little distracted.

Joe Weaver

Joe has Abs at 60! Who said only young guys can be lean and have a ripped body?


  • Joe Weaver followed the same system that Gregg uses to get ripped at 60 yrs. old
  • He has average genetics, manages a business, has three kids and two grandkids. So… what’s your excuse?
  • Joe tried many different diets and programs over a period of 40 years. He had a little success, but nothing was sustainable.
  • At 56 yrs. old he decided to try one last time to get a ripped body with info he found on the internet.
  • The ‘squat as heavy as possible and eat big to get big’ program does produce gains, mostly in the butt and gut.
  • Finally, when Joe combined the right type of training with intermittent fasting and the Vital Breath Performance System, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and he got the body of his dreams
  • These systems are sustainable because they work with human nature instead of against it. Train smarter not harder.
  • Extreme diets and workouts may work short term, but they are not sustainable.
  • You can even get defined abs at 60 if you drop the fat and then target your abs with effective ab boosters.
  • If Joe Weaver can get ripped at 60 using these programs, imagine what you can do.

What do you think of Joe’s story? Are you finding it hard to get your workouts done? Do you feel sore afterwards? Have you tried some other techniques to improve your performance and recovery? The Muscle Pyramid community wants to hear from you!!!

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About Joe Weaver

Joe is guest blogger for Muscle Pyramid. He is an author, blogger and resident Badass at He believes everyone can up their experience and their game by applying his performance boosting techniques to any exercise or sports program. At his website you can find his book The Vital Breath Performance System that's all about new type of breathing techniques for better recovery and more intensity during your workouts. He is also available online for world wide coaching.