Make a Stunning Transformation and Build a Peak Physique

In Just a Couple of Short Months You Can Have Pictures Like a Pro Fitness Cover Model...Even If You Have Never Been to a Gym Before and You Are Completely New to Training

If you are interested in learning how to make a transformation and build a physique that is actually desirable by women and not repulsive like the physique most bulky bodybuilders have, do it in 8 months or less, do it without taking dangerous steroids or spending fortune on supplements or torturing yourself for hours at a gym every day then this is probably the most important message you are ever going to hear.

Before I tell you the awesome storyof how I transformed my physique and completely changed my life, let me ask you something…

Is your physical look holding you back in your life?

Are you frustrated of events never being in your favor?

Are you pushed around by other people a lot?

Do you envy guys who are dominant and have control in their lives?

And all of that ONLY because you have skinny, fat or plain average looking physique?

You know you are capable of achieving way more in your life, but your physical look is holding you back?

…and as a result you are not taking charge and don’t have the confidence necessary to succeed in your life?

Be honest here.

Have you ever seen a big, ripped guy having the confidence to walk up to any woman and start talking to her without hesitation, having her respond amazing well and leaving you just staring and wishing you were like that guy?

Have you ever wanted to become a cool guy, that people would want to be around? All this naturally without learning some cheesy pick up lines and conversational tricks that never really worked?

Maybe you would just like to take charge of your social life, become more dominant in business and close more deals…

…Or maybe it’s just that you want more confidence and happiness and to end the feelings of depression when looking at yourself in a mirror.

Is your physique your weakness and your biggest insecurity?

Then let’s change that!

Let’s flip the coin and turn your physique into your strength so you can become the confident and cool guy, who is respected and admired.

…the guy you have probably always secretly wanted to become, but never knew how and never believed that you actually could one day be like that.

If you are like I was several years ago, then you probably want to look good both shirt on and shirt off, you probably wished for it million times.

I’m sure you still want to transform your physique, but you are unsure whether it’s actually possible.

My guess is that you have very little  success with losing fat and building muscle. And the stuff you’ve tried have probably gotten you close to zero results.

Am I right?

I know that feeling when nothing seems to work  for you, the feeling of frustration, because you look exactly the same month after month, year after year while everyone around you is building a better life…but you are stuck with your old self.

Why do you still look the same and not making any progress?

Is there something wrong with you?

No, you are perfectly fine and it may not even be your fault that you are not getting the results you want. You just learned the wrong techniques and expected the certified experts who are recognized by media to help you get in shape. You see, you aren’t the problem, you are fine, the problem is a wrong approach that somebody ELSE taught you.

And that can be the core reason of why you have never built a peak physique and are unable to take control over your life.

Avoid the Mistakes I Made

I feel your pain.

I was where you are now myself a couple years ago. I wanted to change my life…desperately. I was skinny as hell, I had no confidence and my social life sucked!

And like you I decided to put this to an end.

I started researching latest tips and tricks in fitness magazines, on bodybuilding forums and I also started talking to personal trainers about proper training and diet.

And I followed their advice for 3 years!

And even AFTER 3 YEARS of training and eating the way all these so called experts told me, I still LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME. And after 3 years you would probably expect some not just decent, but significant changes, right?

Well, I haven’t gained muscles at all!

I was still the skinny kid, who everyone treated like trash, I had no confidence and no life. I was desperate. I thought that there must be something wrong with me, because I tried everything that I could, everything that the “experts” told me, but I’ve gotten no results at all.

Does this story sound similar to you?

Do you find yourself in the same situation right now?

There just seems to be no approach that would work for you?

…You have tried it all?…Latest technique for building 20 pounds of muscle you read in a fitness magazine? Kettlebell workout for shredded body? Or hot summer workout from Ronnie Coleman’s gym?

Here are few things I tried and you tell me if any of these ring a bell:

  • Six meals per day
  • Almost no fat and processed food intake
  • High protein intake (200 grams per day and more)
  • High calorie intake (3000 calories per day and more)
  • Soy protein
  • Hydrolyzed whey protein
  • Whey isolate protein
  • BCAA’s
  • Egg protein
  • Casein protein
  • Night protein
  • Weight gainer
  • NO supplement
  • Post-workout supplement
  • Pre-workout supplement
  • Bodybuilders’ split workout
  • HIT workout
  • Celebrity workout
  • TV workout
  • Hot summer workout from a fitness magazines
  • Workout from a certified personal trainer

…and the list just goes on.

Have you tried anything of this?

Did it work for you?

Well, I tried all of the above and even more and nothing of those things ever worked for me, even after three years of following the conventional approach I haven’t gained any muscle mass.

And thus transforming my physique became really just a dream that no longer seemed achievable.

The truth is that if you are not somehow genetically gifted, you are not going to put on any muscle mass while following a bodybuilder split workout or some other workout from TV or personal trainer.

And if you are not on some kind of “juice” then you are not going to put on any muscle mass while eating like a pro bodybuilder, just ain’t gonna happen, you will just gain fat if anything.

I know that you have been told quite the opposite and you probably also been told to eat six times a day, have high protein intake (200 grams+), do bodybuilding splits meaning working out each muscle group just once a week and all the other conventional tips that everyone else in the gym is following.

But if you are like me and you are not blessed with some amazing genetics, then this stuff just doesn’t work for you.

Well, I’ve promised to share my story and the techniques that finally worked for me and that I know will work for you as well.

Here’s how my new approach helped me transform my physique:

[My overall physical transformation] The 15 year old skinny me on the left and the new 185 pounds ripped 20 year old me on the right after I’ve finally “cracked the code”.

It’s Time to Shake Your World and Tell You the Truth

Are you afraid that you will put in the effort, but you won’t build a body that you could be proud of?

Could you imagine working out and watching your diet every day for the next 3 years, but still not being able to build the peak physique and the rock solid confidence you want?

What about putting in the effort for another 10 years, but even after those 10 years you would still look the same and couldn’t build your dream body? How much frustrated would you feel from 1 to 10, 10 being the most?

Just imagine all that hard work and “clean eating” for no reward.

This experience would definitely result in very painful feelings of frustration and depression.

However, this is exactly where you would be heading if you continued following the conventional wisdom that fitness media and almost everyone in this industry is teaching.

After watching what this does to people…seeing guys in their 30′, 40′ and sometimes even in their 50′s and still having no clue on how to get in shape despite dedicating years to working out, reading fitness magazines, trying everything under the sun, every supplement and diet, only leaving them skinny fat, weak, broke and depressed…I’ve decided that I want to change this. I want to help you find the approach that truly works and save you the frustration that I had to go through.

Let me start with revealing a few myths that you probably follow without even knowing it.

Myth #1 – You Need to Get Bigger at Any Cost

This is one of the most common myths in this industry. The false belief that we have to be really big probably comes from the biological standpoint that we are more muscular and taller than women. However, this doesn’t mean that we if you are not 6″8′ and 250 pounds heavy you are not a man.

Being huge is freaky, not desirable, on the other hand being naturally masculine and lean is. Guys who are just plain enormous are intimidating and women are not interested in such guys. So, don’t aim to be big at any cost, learn what is desirable and aim for that look.

Fact is that sometimes guys will do whatever it takes to get really big, this means gaining fat or taking drugs (more common than you think).

The problem with drugs is that apart from the fact that overdosing may result in death, they don’t help you fulfill your genetic potential; they help you go beyond that…and because it’s not natural, it’s not attractive anymore. Your muscles are puffed, big and they look like a balloon, which looks kid of freaky to most people. This is not the way to build a desirable physique, trust me.

You need to understand that women are not really drawn to bodybuilder steroid enhanced type of physique. These guys look like clowns to women, even though you as a guy may think the pro’s on the covers look amazing.

Girls are disgusted by them. And if anything you should aim to get as far as possible from the look that women find disgusting, don’t you think?

Myth #2 – You Should Train like Bodybuilders

Not only that guys think they should look like bodybuilders, but they also think they should train like them. This is a common disbelief and will result in leaving you with empty pocket, disappointed, frustrated and without any significant results.

Professional bodybuilders are genetically gifted and use A LOT OF illegal, unhealthy and dangerous drugs that are quite expensive.

Bodybuilders are on drugs, that is a fact, if you don’t believe me just watch the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster or just try to meet them in person or even make friends with them, you will be shocked, guaranteed.

And apart from the drug abuse, they really have amazing genetics.

And because you are not like them nor you are on some kind of “juice” (hopefully) you can’t expect to be able to train like them. It’s simple as that.

Bodybuilding split is only good for bodybuilders.

They can train each muscle group once a week and they will still grow like crazy. And they can also train that muscle group for two hours straight at a very high intensity, something you just can’t without the “juice”.

Do you see the problem with you trying to train like those guys? You just can’t possibly do that without drugs and their genetic advantage. You have to find a workout that is for people like you and me – people who are not on drugs and have average or below average genetics.

Myth #3 – There Is a Supplement That Will Help You Put on 30 Pounds of Muscle

I’m sorry to break this to you, but 95% of supplements do not work and are just a bunch of crap that is packed to look good and sell well.

I know that it would be great if there was a magic pill or supplement that you could take each morning, before workout and after workout and it would help you pack on 30 pounds of muscle in 2 months, but unfortunately nothing like that exists, despite what you may have heard on TV or read in the fitness and bodybuilding magazines.

Supplement industry is a 60 billion industry, yes that is a billion with “B”. So just imagine the amount of money they earn every year by selling some powders and empty promises.

If what they sell would actually work then everybody who buys those supplements (and that’s a lot of people!) would be ripped.

The problem with supplements is that they are marketed like steroids AND promoted by spokespeople who are usually on steroids. However, the effect the supplements have on your physique is “a bit” smaller than what the steroids or other drugs can do.

Just think about it… even with steroids it would be freaking hard to pack on 30 pounds of muscle in two months, probably even impossible, so how could you achieve that just with supplements?

Just sounds ridiculous when you really think about it.

Myth #4 – You Need to Consume 4000 Calories and 300 Grams of Protein per Day to Build Muscles

This is yet another thing that people in the fitness community like to recommend for muscle growth.

To you it probably won’t come as such a surprise that this is something that comes from the bodybuilding lifestyle.

There is really not much research done on steroids, because they are well illegal (at least in most western countries), but it would make sense that if you give your body stimulus that is stronger than its natural one (taking steroids is like adding another engine to a car), then you need to eat more than your body would normally need.

However, if you don’t use drugs than eating more food and more protein won’t help you build muscle, it will only make you fat.

Your muscles grow as a response to training (there is also juvenile muscle growth and drug induced growth of course).

You can’t eat your way up to big muscles, period.

Building muscle takes time and dedication in the gym, not large amount of food you cook in your kitchen.

It’s true that your body needs certain amount of calories and protein to build muscle, but that amount is probably already satisfied by your current intake.

So, don’t stuff yourself with enormous amount of calories and protein, because you will just end up big and fat, not big and ripped.

These are the biggest myths I falling fall over and over again.

However, even if you avoid them then it could make no difference whatsoever if you don’t have this one thing right. Do you know what it is?

…It’s a well-structured workout that is designed to help you build exactly the physique you want.

You Need to Change Your Approach ASAP!

I feel you, you are slightly insecure about your physique (ok if you are in a similar situation like I was a couple years ago then maybe more than just slightly), and everybody is telling you how skinny and out of shape you are, but whatever you do or eat you still look the same (or worse), and you just can’t attain that ripped body no matter what you do.

This of course affects your confidence. When you are not confident and you are insecure about your physique, you can’t hold an eye contact with women and it’s really hard to be comfortable around people, because you are always in your head, thinking about how you look and what other people think of you and how they judge you.

This is no way to live!

I kn