Make a Stunning Transformation and Build a Peak Physique

In Just a Couple of Short Months You Can Have Pictures Like a Pro Fitness Cover Model...Even If You Have Never Been to a Gym Before and You Are Completely New to Training

If you are interested in learning how to make a transformation and build a physique that is actually desirable by women and not repulsive like the physique most bulky bodybuilders have, do it in 8 months or less, do it without taking dangerous steroids or spending fortune on supplements or torturing yourself for hours at a gym every day then this is probably the most important message you are ever going to hear.

Before I tell you the awesome storyof how I transformed my physique and completely changed my life, let me ask you something…

Is your physical look holding you back in your life?

Are you frustrated of events never being in your favor?

Are you pushed around by other people a lot?

Do you envy guys who are dominant and have control in their lives?

And all of that ONLY because you have skinny, fat or plain average looking physique?

You know you are capable of achieving way more in your life, but your physical look is holding you back?

…and as a result you are not taking charge and don’t have the confidence necessary to succeed in your life?

Be honest here.

Have you ever seen a big, ripped guy having the confidence to walk up to any woman and start talking to her without hesitation, having her respond amazing well and leaving you just staring and wishing you were like that guy?

Have you ever wanted to become a cool guy, that people would want to be around? All this naturally without learning some cheesy pick up lines and conversational tricks that never really worked?

Maybe you would just like to take charge of your social life, become more dominant in business and close more deals…

…Or maybe it’s just that you want more confidence and happiness and to end the feelings of depression when looking at yourself in a mirror.

Is your physique your weakness and your biggest insecurity?

Then let’s change that!

Let’s flip the coin and turn your physique into your strength so you can become the confident and cool guy, who is respected and admired.

…the guy you have probably always secretly wanted to become, but never knew how and never believed that you actually could one day be like that.

If you are like I was several years ago, then you probably want to look good both shirt on and shirt off, you probably wished for it million times.

I’m sure you still want to transform your physique, but you are unsure whether it’s actually possible.

My guess is that you have very little  success with losing fat and building muscle. And the stuff you’ve tried have probably gotten you close to zero results.

Am I right?

I know that feeling when nothing seems to work  for you, the feeling of frustration, because you look exactly the same month after month, year after year while everyone around you is building a better life…but you are stuck with your old self.

Why do you still look the same and not making any progress?

Is there something wrong with you?

No, you are perfectly fine and it may not even be your fault that you are not getting the results you want. You just learned the wrong techniques and expected the certified experts who are recognized by media to help you get in shape. You see, you aren’t the problem, you are fine, the problem is a wrong approach that somebody ELSE taught you.

And that can be the core reason of why you have never built a peak physique and are unable to take control over your life.

Avoid the Mistakes I Made

I feel your pain.

I was where you are now myself a couple years ago. I wanted to change my life…desperately. I was skinny as hell, I had no confidence and my social life sucked!

And like you I decided to put this to an end.

I started researching latest tips and tricks in fitness magazines, on bodybuilding forums and I also started talking to personal trainers about proper training and diet.

And I followed their advice for 3 years!

And even AFTER 3 YEARS of training and eating the way all these so called experts told me, I still LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME. And after 3 years you would probably expect some not just decent, but significant changes, right?

Well, I haven’t gained muscles at all!

I was still the skinny kid, who everyone treated like trash, I had no confidence and no life. I was desperate. I thought that there must be something wrong with me, because I tried everything that I could, everything that the “experts” told me, but I’ve gotten no results at all.

Does this story sound similar to you?

Do you find yourself in the same situation right now?

There just seems to be no approach that would work for you?

…You have tried it all?…Latest technique for building 20 pounds of muscle you read in a fitness magazine? Kettlebell workout for shredded body? Or hot summer workout from Ronnie Coleman’s gym?

Here are few things I tried and you tell me if any of these ring a bell:

  • Six meals per day
  • Almost no fat and processed food intake
  • High protein intake (200 grams per day and more)
  • High calorie intake (3000 calories per day and more)
  • Soy protein
  • Hydrolyzed whey protein
  • Whey isolate protein
  • BCAA’s
  • Egg protein
  • Casein protein
  • Night protein
  • Weight gainer
  • NO supplement
  • Post-workout supplement
  • Pre-workout supplement
  • Bodybuilders’ split workout
  • HIT workout
  • Celebrity workout
  • TV workout
  • Hot summer workout from a fitness magazines
  • Workout from a certified personal trainer

…and the list just goes on.

Have you tried anything of this?

Did it work for you?

Well, I tried all of the above and even more and nothing of those things ever worked for me, even after three years of following the conventional approach I haven’t gained any muscle mass.

And thus transforming my physique became really just a dream that no longer seemed achievable.

The truth is that if you are not somehow genetically gifted, you are not going to put on any muscle mass while following a bodybuilder split workout or some other workout from TV or personal trainer.

And if you are not on some kind of “juice” then you are not going to put on any muscle mass while eating like a pro bodybuilder, just ain’t gonna happen, you will just gain fat if anything.

I know that you have been told quite the opposite and you probably also been told to eat six times a day, have high protein intake (200 grams+), do bodybuilding splits meaning working out each muscle group just once a week and all the other conventional tips that everyone else in the gym is following.

But if you are like me and you are not blessed with some amazing genetics, then this stuff just doesn’t work for you.

Well, I’ve promised to share my story and the techniques that finally worked for me and that I know will work for you as well.

Here’s how my new approach helped me transform my physique:

[My overall physical transformation] The 15 year old skinny me on the left and the new 185 pounds ripped 20 year old me on the right after I’ve finally “cracked the code”.

It’s Time to Shake Your World and Tell You the Truth

Are you afraid that you will put in the effort, but you won’t build a body that you could be proud of?

Could you imagine working out and watching your diet every day for the next 3 years, but still not being able to build the peak physique and the rock solid confidence you want?

What about putting in the effort for another 10 years, but even after those 10 years you would still look the same and couldn’t build your dream body? How much frustrated would you feel from 1 to 10, 10 being the most?

Just imagine all that hard work and “clean eating” for no reward.

This experience would definitely result in very painful feelings of frustration and depression.

However, this is exactly where you would be heading if you continued following the conventional wisdom that fitness media and almost everyone in this industry is teaching.

After watching what this does to people…seeing guys in their 30′, 40′ and sometimes even in their 50′s and still having no clue on how to get in shape despite dedicating years to working out, reading fitness magazines, trying everything under the sun, every supplement and diet, only leaving them skinny fat, weak, broke and depressed…I’ve decided that I want to change this. I want to help you find the approach that truly works and save you the frustration that I had to go through.

Let me start with revealing a few myths that you probably follow without even knowing it.

Myth #1 – You Need to Get Bigger at Any Cost

This is one of the most common myths in this industry. The false belief that we have to be really big probably comes from the biological standpoint that we are more muscular and taller than women. However, this doesn’t mean that we if you are not 6″8′ and 250 pounds heavy you are not a man.

Being huge is freaky, not desirable, on the other hand being naturally masculine and lean is. Guys who are just plain enormous are intimidating and women are not interested in such guys. So, don’t aim to be big at any cost, learn what is desirable and aim for that look.

Fact is that sometimes guys will do whatever it takes to get really big, this means gaining fat or taking drugs (more common than you think).

The problem with drugs is that apart from the fact that overdosing may result in death, they don’t help you fulfill your genetic potential; they help you go beyond that…and because it’s not natural, it’s not attractive anymore. Your muscles are puffed, big and they look like a balloon, which looks kid of freaky to most people. This is not the way to build a desirable physique, trust me.

You need to understand that women are not really drawn to bodybuilder steroid enhanced type of physique. These guys look like clowns to women, even though you as a guy may think the pro’s on the covers look amazing.

Girls are disgusted by them. And if anything you should aim to get as far as possible from the look that women find disgusting, don’t you think?

Myth #2 – You Should Train like Bodybuilders

Not only that guys think they should look like bodybuilders, but they also think they should train like them. This is a common disbelief and will result in leaving you with empty pocket, disappointed, frustrated and without any significant results.

Professional bodybuilders are genetically gifted and use A LOT OF illegal, unhealthy and dangerous drugs that are quite expensive.

Bodybuilders are on drugs, that is a fact, if you don’t believe me just watch the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster or just try to meet them in person or even make friends with them, you will be shocked, guaranteed.

And apart from the drug abuse, they really have amazing genetics.

And because you are not like them nor you are on some kind of “juice” (hopefully) you can’t expect to be able to train like them. It’s simple as that.

Bodybuilding split is only good for bodybuilders.

They can train each muscle group once a week and they will still grow like crazy. And they can also train that muscle group for two hours straight at a very high intensity, something you just can’t without the “juice”.

Do you see the problem with you trying to train like those guys? You just can’t possibly do that without drugs and their genetic advantage. You have to find a workout that is for people like you and me – people who are not on drugs and have average or below average genetics.

Myth #3 – There Is a Supplement That Will Help You Put on 30 Pounds of Muscle

I’m sorry to break this to you, but 95% of supplements do not work and are just a bunch of crap that is packed to look good and sell well.

I know that it would be great if there was a magic pill or supplement that you could take each morning, before workout and after workout and it would help you pack on 30 pounds of muscle in 2 months, but unfortunately nothing like that exists, despite what you may have heard on TV or read in the fitness and bodybuilding magazines.

Supplement industry is a 60 billion industry, yes that is a billion with “B”. So just imagine the amount of money they earn every year by selling some powders and empty promises.

If what they sell would actually work then everybody who buys those supplements (and that’s a lot of people!) would be ripped.

The problem with supplements is that they are marketed like steroids AND promoted by spokespeople who are usually on steroids. However, the effect the supplements have on your physique is “a bit” smaller than what the steroids or other drugs can do.

Just think about it… even with steroids it would be freaking hard to pack on 30 pounds of muscle in two months, probably even impossible, so how could you achieve that just with supplements?

Just sounds ridiculous when you really think about it.

Myth #4 – You Need to Consume 4000 Calories and 300 Grams of Protein per Day to Build Muscles

This is yet another thing that people in the fitness community like to recommend for muscle growth.

To you it probably won’t come as such a surprise that this is something that comes from the bodybuilding lifestyle.

There is really not much research done on steroids, because they are well illegal (at least in most western countries), but it would make sense that if you give your body stimulus that is stronger than its natural one (taking steroids is like adding another engine to a car), then you need to eat more than your body would normally need.

However, if you don’t use drugs than eating more food and more protein won’t help you build muscle, it will only make you fat.

Your muscles grow as a response to training (there is also juvenile muscle growth and drug induced growth of course).

You can’t eat your way up to big muscles, period.

Building muscle takes time and dedication in the gym, not large amount of food you cook in your kitchen.

It’s true that your body needs certain amount of calories and protein to build muscle, but that amount is probably already satisfied by your current intake.

So, don’t stuff yourself with enormous amount of calories and protein, because you will just end up big and fat, not big and ripped.

These are the biggest myths I falling fall over and over again.

However, even if you avoid them then it could make no difference whatsoever if you don’t have this one thing right. Do you know what it is?

…It’s a well-structured workout that is designed to help you build exactly the physique you want.

You Need to Change Your Approach ASAP!

I feel you, you are slightly insecure about your physique (ok if you are in a similar situation like I was a couple years ago then maybe more than just slightly), and everybody is telling you how skinny and out of shape you are, but whatever you do or eat you still look the same (or worse), and you just can’t attain that ripped body no matter what you do.

This of course affects your confidence. When you are not confident and you are insecure about your physique, you can’t hold an eye contact with women and it’s really hard to be comfortable around people, because you are always in your head, thinking about how you look and what other people think of you and how they judge you.

This is no way to live!

I know it, I have been there myself and I have experienced this at least a million times, always thinking how f*cked up the world is and how everything is against me, how others look good, can enjoy their life and have everything, but not me.

Well, one day I decided to stop complaining and self-pity myself and started searching for solutions.

I started doing exactly what I heard from the big guys in the gym, read in fitness & bodybuilding magazines and on bodybuilding websites.

I was spending hundreds of dollars every month on fancy supplements and new magazine memberships.

I had no results at all.

The Big Aha That Changed My Life

I was desperate. I thought that there must be something wrong with me and that I have completely screwed up genetics.

But this is important – I never ever gave up!

I started searching for something that would actually work. I started talking to some researchers here in Czech Republic where I live and some natural fitness models from US on how to improve my workouts. I also started talking to girls instead of my gym buddies about what physique is desirable that men should aim for,  because as it turned out not every physique you can build in the gym looks good…and there is even something as too much muscle on a man that’s just turn off for women, I know I couldn’t believe it either at first.

I started reading books on anatomy and biology in my spare time.

I was already struggling with this goal of building a great looking physique and finally getting this area of my life handled for more than 3 years.

But I kept going and one fine day I finally found the solution.

And here comes the shock – I found out that I was doing almost everything the wrong way!

I found out that no supplement and no advice from fitness magazines is going to help me. After talking to a lot of women I’ve also realized what physique is really desirable to them.

Finally after more than 3 years of struggling I got the answer.

The solution is not some crazy high protein diet, it’s not a workout from a fitness magazine or some famous pro bodybuilder, it’s not a fancy supplement or some new fancy machine you have never heard of. The solution for building a stunning physique is in a specifically designed workout program that focuses on some muscles more than others.

I managed to learn the techniques on how to improve intensity of every workout session and still feel energized instead of tired.

I started working more in-depth on my concepts and ideas.

I wrote up a guide on how to set up my goals properly and on how to build a stunning physique, I started a diary, I researched for workout techniques and created few workouts for myself. After testing them, I chose the best one that got me and my buddies the biggest results and that I wanted to stick with.

I was glad that I finally found something that would work, because I almost lost hope. However, I was shocked at what came shortly after getting in shape. After a while people started asking me for my secret, because they couldn’t believe I’ve transformed my physique so much AND did it in such a short period of time compared to those first 3 years when I was struggling with no results at all.

Girls started giving me compliments on my look, looking at me and smiling at me more…and the types who would reject me before were now happy to talk to me – nuts, I couldn’t believe it.

And when I started making more friends I realized that it changed not only how women behaved around me, but even guys changed their behavior – they were suddenly treating me more seriously and starting showing me respect and in most cases even admiration.

After a while I realized what an incredible value my newly developed concepts had and I started to wonder, would it be possible for me to create a step-by-step program with clear guidelines for other guys that would be going through what went through myself? Would it be possible to help them get more respect from guys and more positive attention from women?…and help them achieve their goals quicker and without so much hassle and frustration I had to endure?

Do You Want to Transform Your Physique? Then Don’t Focus on Your Biceps!

The problem is that most beginners and inter-mediate guys lack a good workout. Whenever somebody approaches me in the gym or send me an email with his story and a question about what he should do, I immediately know where the problem is. In 90% of the cases it’s the lack of a good workout program, most of the time the one they have sucks.

Recently one skinny guy approached me in the gym and asked me what bicep exercises would I recommend him for grater gains.

This guy was working out for about two months and had no idea what to do in the gym, it was obvious. No goal, no plan and terrible lifting form.

When he was doing barbell curls he made it look like a whole body exercise, not an isolated arm movement.

When he asked me what should he do to build bigger arms I hesitated a while, because I wasn’t sure what to tell him. I knew that whatever my answer will be, it will be contrary to what he wants to hear.

I gave him a few tips and I ended up the conversation by telling him about a few barbell and dumbbell exercises. I told him that he shouldn’t focus on the arms, but if wants them to be bigger, he just needs to train them more often.

I was in the middle of a workout and I also had a scheduled coaching session with one of my clients, so I didn’t have time to talk to him, but I doubt that if I had more time I would actually be able to help this guy anyway, he just wasn’t ready to hear the truth.

Does this mean that I had no idea how to help this guy?

No, I knew exactly what he needed. It was obvious that he desperately needed some guidance and a good workout program.

However, when I told him that I don’t focus on the arms in my training, he smiled. He either thought that I’m lying or that I’m genetically gifted.

I wanted to tell him that he needs to focus on the muscles that make up for the dominant male physique and that he will build a great arms along the way if he keeps following a good workout…

…But after he smiled I knew that he wasn’t ready for the truth. He wanted to hear about some magic exercise that will make his arms huge, which will instantly change his life.

If this guy does what I told him, he will build bigger arms, but he won’t be satisfied with his physique, because will look just like any other average guy with slightly decent looking arms.

Why is that?

Well because wasn’t willing to listen to advice that is contrary to his beliefs and he wasn’t willing to admit that his perception of building a stunning physique is incorrect.

If you want to transform your physique, you can’t afford to make this mistake.

If you want to make a stunning transformation and build a peak physique you need to learn what type of physique is desirable and commands respect, and you also need to learn how to build such a physique so you can apply this knowledge in your own life and finally make that change.

Structure Your Workout Properly or Don’t Even Bother Working Out

I mean it, if you don’t a have a proper well-structured workout, your time spent in the gym, all the money you spend on supplements and gym memberships are all wasted and thrown away like your garbage.

I can’t stress this enough.

You absolutely have to have a good workout if you want to build a good looking body. I see guys knowing about every supplement that goes on the market, I hear them talking about carb cycling and high protein intake, but when I check out their workout plan it’s a disaster. Most of them either don’t have any workout plan whatsoever, and they think that nutrition and supplements are enough or if they do, they have some stupid bodybuilding split they saw in a fitness magazine.

Workout is a tool that can either help you develop and improve your strength, speed and other performance based skills or help you build a new, better looking, and more desirable physique. Workout can actually help you transform your physique into any type of shape you want You can look like a action movie star, you can look like a underwear model, you can look like a powerlifter or basketball player.

Your choice.

If you want to look good it means you have to get a workout program that is actually designed in a way to help you build a desirable physique.

Without a goal and a plan you can take to the gym you will be lost and doomed. If you want to build a peak physique, you need to have a plan that will get you there.

It makes me cry to see all those young guys in the gym, who are just hanging around without any clue about what should they do and as a result they are just moving some weights around.

The usual workout day of an average guy is pretty simple.

He gets to the gym, chats with his buddies, does some 30 second stretching exercise, gets under barbell, lifts 20 pounds more than he should on the bench press, does 5 sets with a crappy form to failure and then he goes back to chatting with his buddies.

After he is done bench pressing, he moves onto working out on his biceps, after that he does a couple crunches and is done for the day.

Oh and I almost forget, after that he makes sure he drinks his protein shake exactly 8.5 minutes after the workout, because this is what the ripped guy in the fitness magazine said is the best time to take an after workout supplement…and that this is going to help him pack those 15 pounds of pure, lean muscle on his chest and arms.

This is bulsh*t!

You can’t just go to the gym twice a week, have a workout like that, drink some stupid supplement and expect to look like a fitness model in two months. Hell, you can’t expect to look like a fitness model in 20 years if you have an attitude towards training like that.

A good workout:

  • Has a solid, fixed structure and is not about improvisation
  • Relies on frequency and proper technique and not heavy weights and training to failure
  • Has timed rest periods incorporated in the plan
  • Has variations in the exercises – the workouts are fun and fresh every time you hit the gym
  • Has a purpose and is focused on your goal – building a peak physique
  • Is designed to help you progress week after week
  • Splits each workout into several parts in which you train different muscle groups not just one
  • Is focused more on certain muscle groups than others
  • Is simple and easy to follow
  • Targets certain groups of people (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
  • Is either focused on looks or performance, not both
  • Is mostly focused on free weights instead of machines

…And this is just an excerpt of what a good workout program should look like.

Let me show you my personal favorite one that has all those key concepts incorporated in it and that I put together for you…

Introducing: The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint 2.0

Are you tired of not knowing what to do and not seeing any changes in the mirror?

Well remember my story of struggle and how I ultimately developed a guide for myself?

Well, I’ve worked on that guide for several months every day until I finally had a final version that I was satisfied with.

And I’ve decided to call this guide a Blueprint, because that’s exactly what it is a blueprint for building a peak physique.

Let me introduce you the (new) Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint 2.0 that eliminates all the guess work and shows you the exact steps you need to take in order to make a stunning transformation and build a peak physique.

It’s a muscle building and body shaping program that can be followed by a beginner or by somebody who has 2-5 years of experience, but still not quite the physique you want.

And if that sounds like you, then you are about to transform your life, not just your physique, guaranteed.


It’s time to get out of the fear of…

Being insecure and afraid of social rejection and…

  • Being alone all the time
  • Feeling embarrassed in social interactions
  • Going out and talking to people, especially to women
  • Being ashamed of your own body image
  • Being afraid of other people pushing you around and not taking you seriously
  • Taking off your shirt at a pool party or at a beach
  • Being invisible to gorgeous women

And transform yourself and…

  • Become confident in your own skin and around other people
  • Become the dominant man and take control of your life
  • Become satisfied with your physique
  • Become confident with taking your shirt of
  • Never be afraid of going to the beach or to a pool party
  • Create a great social circle and its leader
  • Have hot women coming to your home for sex
  • Get complimented on your look everyday
  • Become admired and respected by other guys
  • Become able to choose the people you hang out with
  • Start feeling strong and gain that masculine energy that draws people into your life, especially hot women

Let’s face it, we all go to the gym to look good, build more desirable physique and become more confident, we don’t go there because we want to be healthy that is just a nice side effect. You wouldn’t go to the gym if it made you look worse, am I right?

So, let’s focus on achieving this goal then.

In order to build a stunning physique you just need a one thing and that is a good program that will teach you the steps.

And that’s exactly what this program is all about.

Giving you the exact steps so you make the right kind of transformation - You can look like some disproportional cyclist or big bulky bodybuilder…or you can look like this:

This is a photo of my friend Allen, who has always been a great inspiration for me. As a fitness model he understands what physique is the most desirable one. I’m glad that he agreed on being a model and a consultant for developing this Blueprint.

This program is called The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint, because it will give you the steps to build a peak physique that is the most desirable one that most of the natural fitness models have (like Allen on the picture above).

BTW it also happens to be a physique most Hollywood actors like Joe Manganiello, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman have.

Anyway, let’s talk about what exactly is included in The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint and what will it do for you.

Here is just a short lists of the things you will learn:

  • The real reason why professional bodybuilders are able to build better body than anybody else and why IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA to become one of them
  • The 2 muscle groups that are THE MOST IMPORTANT muscle groups you have to focus on in your training
  • Why all hard-gainers have it wrong and why supplements won’t help you if you are hard gainer and non-responder yourself
  • How much effort do you have to put into training to actually get in shape
  • How to just stop trying to get in shape and finally do it
  • My secret “circle of success”, AKA the skills that once mastered make the success inevitable and there are only five of them! (FYI this can help you in every area of your life)
  • The story of how I wasted 3 years of going after the wrong physique and doing things that do not work or even prevent you from building muscle mass and how you can save yourself from 3 or more years of struggle and the pain I went through
  • Why bigger guys are not desirable by women
  • How becoming a bigger guy can lead to mediocre life and how it can actually backfire your success
  • How supplement companies invest in buying fitness magazines and play a game with you to make more money by keeping you away from achieving your desired body
  • What bodyfat percentage you need to get down to in order to look not only good with your shirt on, but also astound everybody else and make all guys jealous when you take that shirt off
  • The single most important thing you have to do before your workouts to speed up your progress and prevent injury that could stop you from working out for months or years
  • Which muscles to train to make yourself more dominant
  • How to gain leverage over other guys by just working out few times per week
  • How to plan your training for the year and intelligently balance it with your business trips and vacations
  • Why you already have six-pack abs and how to make them visible, but also make them desirebly and get the deep lines instead of looking like a 12 year old malnurished kid
  • Whether bodyweight training is better than resistance training or not and how to make the best out of both worlds
  • How to build a stunning physique without spending every week in the gym throughout the year – this will allow you to look good and still take vacations and business trips without having to work out in the hotel or looking for the gym in a town you don’t know
  • How to set a home gym and whether it’s a good idea for you personally or not
  • How to start training, your first steps in the new, unknown environment – gym
  • How to quicken your progress in strength gains and muscle gains
  • How to structure your workout and how to make it around the most important muscle groups
  • Why timing your rest is the almost most important thing in your workout structure
  • How to adjust workout frequency and intensity to achieve the best results
  • Why eating before your workout actually sabotages your results
  • How and why you need to stay consistent with your workouts
  • How to take advantage of your lifestyle potential and how to super pass it
  • How to correct your wrong lifting technique
  • How to start doing muscle friendly exercise instead of idiotic movements on machines
  • How to train like an athlete instead of just work out like any other guy
  • When it’s actually a wrong idea to use a spotting partner
  • Why trying to eat your way up to bigger muscles never works
  • Why training to failure is the dumbest thing you can do
  • Why belly fat is not different from bodyfat and why direct fat burning doesn’t work
  • Why performance training won’t help you build a peak physique
  • What you need to understand about effort, determination and strength training
  • You will discover whether there are any secret shortcuts for building a peak physique or not
  • You will find out the solution for building muscle even if you are a hard-gainer like I was
  • How to use Muscle Pyramid (a very specific order of muscle groups) to make a stunning transformation and build a peak physique

The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint is a training course focused on gaining practical knowledge and skills and most importantly on getting you the results you really want, it’s not just another program you will buy, read and leave buried among other documents in your computer.

With the Blueprint you will be able make a stunning transformation and build a peak physique and even capture your new physique on your camera, so you can keep the photos as a reminder of what you are capable of achieving.

…so whenever you won’t feel like going into the gym you can just look at those awesome pictures of yourself and become instantly motivated, how amazing is that going to be?

This program consists of 3 different modules that all work together, let’s have a closer look at them.

The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint: Module 1

32-Week Workout Plan

($77 value)

Most workouts are just the same 3 workout days cycling over and over again for  two months. How boring is that?

With the Blueprint you get a workout plan for 32 weeks and EVERY workout day in the plan is original, not a copy!

There is a variety of exercises, structures, rep/set ranges and much more… because of this variety you will never get bored or run into plateaus.

The workout plan itself is divided into 3 phases.

You start off with building Muscle Foundation, move on to second phase called “Gaining Dominance & Power” and finish up with last phase called “Body Shaping”.

There’s has never been designed a comprehensive workout plan like this ever before.

Video Training Tutorials

($147 value)
Aren’t you sick of all the workouts that just give you a list of exercises and nobody is bothering explaining you how to do them? It’s just somewhat expected of you to know every exercise under the sun, even if you are just starting out.

It really sucks to buy a workout program and not be able to follow it because you have no idea how to do the new exercises.

This is why you will receive a video training tutorials (more than 130 tutorials!) with an in-depth audio guidance for every exercise in the workout plan.

So if at any point you encounter an exercise you are not familiar with, you can just click on the name and you will brought to a tutorial for that exercise – there’s huge exercise tutorial database that will help you learn the correct form of the exercise you want.

And of course this way you can easily check the correct form of the exercises you already know and have been previously doing. Who knows maybe you can correct some mistakes that are preventing you from gaining more muscles.

Lagging Body Parts Workout

($27 value)

Do you have a body part that is somewhat lagging behind the rest of your body? Or some muscle group that you would like to focus on more and bring up.

Maybe you want more dominant V-taper or a deeper six-pack.

…Or if you are like me and you have really skinny calves and forearms and you want them to be at least decent size, but no matter how much you train them, they are still somewhat small.

…Or maybe you just want bigger “guns”.

Whatever it is you want to focus on more, we got you covered with the bonus workouts you can throw in into your regular weekly routine.

Just check the “Lagging Body Parts Workout” once you get the copy of this blueprint.

Tracking Strength & Muscle Gains

($27 value)

Every guy that has been training for a while understands the importance of having some kind of diary and logging his lifts and body measurements.

However, after a couple of months this can get really messy and I don’t think you want to keep hundreds of paper pages on your desk and have to go through them every time you want to go to the gym and just need to check what was the weight you lifted last time.

If this has ever been an issue, it won’t be anymore. Not if you use the “Tracking Strength & Muscle Gains” sheet.

This simple but sophisticated digital sheet allows you to fill in your body and strength measurements and removes the need to keep hundreds of paper pages or bringing the diary with you to the gym.

Muscle Soreness Remedy

($27 value)

In this report you will learn what is the best way to fight muscle soreness and how to speed up your recovery from workout to workout.

You will discover 9 activities that contribute, are responsible or directly help with muscle recovery and your overall body and mind regeneration.

You will learn how to intelligently structure your training week and how to prioritize and choose your physical activities to stay strong, injury free and recover quickly.

You will learn exactly what to do every week and every twelve weeks to massively speed up your muscle soreness recovery.

You will learn how to intelligently take breaks from training without losing muscle mass or strength.

Let’s take a look at the second module…

The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint: Module 2

Transformation Blueprint Manual

($47 value)

You should see this manual as your guide and your adviser on what physique is the most desirable one and how to build it. The manual is 150 pages long and is divided into 4 parts. 1st part is all about learning what body shapes you can build and which one is the most desirable one (hint: it’s probably not the one you think it is).

The 2nd part is all about becoming a dominant, powerful and desirable man.

The 3rd part is about learning the proper structure of a quality workout plan. I will also let you in on all the techniques I used when I was creating the workout plan for this program, because I believe that you should understand what you are doing. So after reading this part you will not only be able to follow the workout plan in this program, but you will also understand each of its parts and learn about the purpose of timing, sets, reps and weights. You don’t have to create a workout for yourself, but after reading this section you will be able to create a better workout than 97% of all guys who go to the gym on regular basis.

The 4th part is about making all this a reality. It’s about learning the keys to success, overcoming your fears and discovering the true power of a mentor.

This manual itself has an incredible value.

Smart Step-by-Step Goal Setting & How to Measure Progress Properly

($37 value)

You will learn what questions you need to ask yourself to overcome your limiting beliefs and bad programming you developed when you were younger. BTW this is the kind of stuff that might have kept you from building the peak physique.

You will also discover how to set short term and long term goals.

You will understand how to make a proper action plan for your goals and track your progress.

You will also discover what tools are the best to measure and compare your results and how often should you use these tools. For example I bet you didn’t know that bodyweight is probably the worst tool to use to measure progress of your muscle gains, am I right?

You will also learn how to motivate yourself and the action steps to make your success inevitable.

And finally the last module…

The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint: Module 3

Fat Loss Secrets

($29.95 value)

The main goal of this program is to help you overcome your average or below-average genetics, make a huge transformation and get into your peak physique and preferably capture it on a photo after you finish the program. This way you will build a peak physique and have photos as a “proof” you can keep forever and be able to look at them whenever you will feel down.

The part of building such a physique is losing some fat. Either if it’s 20 pounds to get lean or that last 10 or 5 to get ripped, you still need to understand the basics and since the whole diet and fitness industry is pretty damn confusing I’ve decided to put together the best tips and secrets into this small book, so you can really build the peak physique and get awesome photos.

Whatever you think you know about fat loss, might not actually be true and you will be blown away once you read this book. This is not your average “don’t eat that or you’ll get fat” fat loss plan with good food & bad food lists. While following the advice from this book you can eat whatever you want, because quite frankly that doesn’t really matter. The key is in portion control, and I will show you how to do that painlessly and easily.

I mean who wants to go on a diet, not eat your favorite foods and not being able to go out on Friday night, have fun or attend your cousin’s wedding?

All of that is possible if you follow the principles in this book.

You will go through the process of acquiring proper eating habits, learning about diet myths, and learning to calculate hidden calories. You will also learn how to get your body into fat burning state even while you sleep and how to lose fat by eating the foods you like and avoid binging on peanut butter and ice cream at 4 am. You will be introduced to a revolutionary fat loss lifestyle that can help you melt away pounds of fat within just a few weeks.

Supplement Guide & Industry Secrets

($27 value)

In this report you will discover the truth about supplements and steroids.

You are going to learn what are the 3 major ingredients that supplement companies use to sell you dozens of different supplements for hundreds of dollars.

You will discover how much protein do you really need, plus you will find out about the only supplement that has ever been proven to work (by years of research not your gym buddies).

…That is right; no other supplement has quality research behind it.

So any guess about which one is it?

Photoshoot Final Prep & Routine

($27 value)

The goal of this program is to take you from wherever you are now, transform your body and then capture that peak physique at its best.

In this brochure we will focus on that last point.

One thing is being able to make a transformation, but capturing it is something totally different.

You can pick the guy with the best looking physique in the world and put him into a room to take a photo, but if you don’t make certain things right he will look like an average dude, nothing more.

Once you are at your peak physique things like food and water will dictate how you look and this changes by the hour!

You will look different after eating a meal high in carbs and after fasting and working out.

What you want is to maximize your state to capture it, what looks good in reality looks different on a photo.

In this report you will learn how to safely manipulate your body through diet, training, water depletion, what supplements to take and what exactly to do in your last week of prep in order to get amazing photos you can brag about on your Facebook.

You won’t find this information anywhere else. The fitness magazines would have you believe that the models look like on the cover 24/7, which is false.

Learn their tricks and use them to your advantage! I mean how cool would it be to have cover model quality pictures of yourself?

Audio Coaching With a Fitness Model

($27 value)

The last piece of the program is a 2-part audio coaching with a fitness model.

Allen has been doing fitness photoshoots and live competitions for some time now and he will share the best secrets with you that he uses and tricks he has learned from other models and competitors.

This CD is priceless, you will literally get inside the head of somebody who has photos in fitness magazines, but never dares to say things as they are in public.

Here are a couple of points we talk about with Allen:

  • Why performance training never got him the physique he always wanted
  • How to manipulate your body safely to add 10 pounds of muscle to your weight on the photos
  • Why symmetry and definition is usually even more important than size
  • Truth about steroid abuse in the bodybuilding community
  • Which physique is attainable and which one isn’t without any “extra help”
  • How much editing and photo manipulation goes on before the photo is put on the cover of a magazine
  • How to motivate yourself if you are just starting out
  • Do supplements matter?
  • What to do if trainers are telling you one thing, fitness magazines something else and your gym buddies something totally contrary
  • How to let go of your ego to start getting results
  • How to navigate yourself in the confusing supplement offers and not get broke
  • What mindset do you need when going to the gym
  • What are the next steps if you are a beginner or have -5 years of experience
  • The difference between your photos and photos from fitness competitors
  • How is life of a fitness model in reality – advantages and disadvantages
  • Whether you can monetize your physique or not

As you’ve just learned this isn’t just a workout plan, it’s a full program with many different modules. It’s simply because you need all of those components together in order to fully transform your body and build the peak physique.

Here’s how it’s designed:

You have muscle building advice + fat loss advice + goal setting advice + photoshoot prep advice = The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint

Nobody has ever put together such a comprehensive course with the exact step-by-step guidelines like this before.

Plus each copy of The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint comes with a ticket for LIFETIME UPDATES, so you get the next version for free!

Expect to Transform Your Body

This program is designed to help make a stunning transformation and build that peak physique you have always wanted, so at the end of 8 months you will be to capture it on a camera and get photos like a pro.

The workout is designed for 8 months, in this period of time you will make the biggest transformation of your life.

If you stay consistent and follow the program exactly as it’s designed, then you will get amazing results.

I’ve made a huge transformation in the past two years using the same techniques, just take a look:

I will teach you the very techniques that I discovered and that helped me transform.

I’ve put almost 5 inches on my shoulders, 3 inches on my chest, 2 inches on my arms and gained more than 25 pounds.

I’m not going to bore you with my lift improvements, but to just give you some idea of what’s possible…on an incline dumbbell press I went from 44lbs to 88lbs with the same amount of set, reps, rest ratio. I’ve actually doubled the amount of weight I was lifting on my chest.

All of that just by using a couple principles that I now teach in The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint.

The point is, if I could do it, despite the fact that I was skinny as hell, then YOU CAN DO IT TOO and you will probably get even better results and quicker than I did.

I was always called bony or skinny and it really sucked, but after a few months of doing things differently I transformed into a man that is no longer referred to as skinny, the terms people use now are “hot”, “big”, “ripped”, “athletic”, “dominant” and so on.

…and the change in how people actually act around me, what’s going on on the subconscious level is even grater.

People noticed the transformation and they responded to my new physique very well.

I understand your situation and I get that you want to make a such transformation yourself. However, you need to know what to do otherwise you will struggle for a very long time, on your own you may never even find the truth.

I know this, because I struggled myself for 3 damn years without getting ANY results at all. I mean most people would give up by then.

If you really want a better looking body then getting this Blueprint will help you transform and change your life, forever.

And I’m not even talking about the amount of frustration you will save yourself once you get a program that is designed to get you exactly the results you are after.

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Is This a Good Fit for You?

Got a couple questions? No problem, let’s take a look at them…

Question #1 Can I work out at home?

  • While I don’t recommend working out at home with any workout plan, yes you can work out at home with the The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint. Just realize that you will always get better results if you work out at a proper gym.

Question #2 Is there any specific diet I have to follow?

  • No, muscle growth has almost nothing to do with your diet; it’s pretty much all about the training. I explain it more in detail in the manual.

Question #3 Will it help me lose weight?

  • There is a report called “Fat Loss Secrets” included in this program with all the basics you need to know about in order to successfully lean out and show your muscles.

Question #4 Can I work out on the days and times I want or is this somehow fixed?

  • It’s definitely not fixed; you can work out whenever you feel the strongest or whenever it fits your schedule. The workout is completely flexible.

Question #5 Will this program still work for me if I’m over 50 or 60?

  • The program will work for you if you are 18 and it will work for you if you are 60 as well. You are never too young or never too old to jump on board. Of course sooner you start following the workout, sooner you will look the way you want and be satisfied with your physique.
  • This program is for guys at any age, the only requirement is that you need to have a strong desire to get from average to exceptionally good looking guy.

Question #6 I’m a beginner and I don’t know if I can handle the intensity, what’s your advice?

You can follow this workout even if you are brand new to weight training. You will start with very light intensity workouts and work your way up to advanced and challenging workout structures.

Question #7 I’ve never trained in my life I don’t know how to perform the exercises

  • You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to perform each exercise. The workout plan is linked with a huge exercise tutorials database. So whenever you see an exercise you are not familiar with, you can just click on it, watch a video tutorial showing you how to perform the movement and what to watch out for when doing this exercise.

Question #8 I’m an athlete and I’m interested in improving my conditioning, power and speed and other performance based skills, will the workout help me?

  • No, it won’t. Look and performance are too different things, this workout is focused on transforming your physical look and building a peak physique, so even though it will improve things like your conditioning and strength, the focus is not on performance, but on the overall body shape.

Question #9 How long does it take to ship me the whole program before I can get started?

  • The program is in a digital form (it’s green!), so there is no shipping. After you make the order you can download it and read it on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or other device right away.

Question #10 I was always skinny will The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint finally help me?

  • Yes. The structure of this program is designed for guys who have trouble gaining muscle mass with the conventional fitness programs. The workout in this program hits your muscles from every possible angle with various exercises and even variations in intensity. When I followed the principles that I now teach in this program I gained about 20 pounds and let me remind you that I have very poor genetics and I was always skinny hard gainer who never responded to the traditional training.

Question #11 What if The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint won’t work for me?

  • I would like to just let you know that everybody can build a great looking body even if you’ve lost hope by now and I’m sure that this program will get you into the best shape of your life.
  • But I also want to make sure there is absolutely zero risk on your part to test this out, so I would like to guarantee that I personally would be blown away with, and a 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee is the result.
  • If you follow The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint exactly as it’s laid out and you won’t completely transform your body, I’ll refund your money. No hassle. No questions asked. It’s that simple.
  • Call me crazy, but this program works and I know it will work for you too
Question #12 Why would I need someone else to tell me how to get in shape while I could figure this out on my own?
  • Well you certainly don’t need anyone else, but truth is that it will make your life so much easier to have someone give you the advice and mentor you rather than trying to put all the pieces together yourself.
  • If you are thinking about doing all the research and trial and error yourself think again, it took me 5 years to finally figure out how to get big and ripped and the first 3 years I was getting absolutely zero results and it was very frustrating, are you sure you wanna go through that?
  • This “done for you system” or the Blueprint how I like to call it is going to show you exactly what to do next…at each step you will get closer to your desired physique, way faster than I did, with less frustration and effort, it eliminates all the guess work, need for research and will keep you from burning energy on things that won’t work

Why Is this Different from All the Other Fitness Programs?

Before you decide whether this program is for you… I want to tell you why it’s DIFFERENT from everything else that’s ever been created on this topic.

Reason #1 It’s been created to help guys like you build a specific body shape

  • Most programs (if they even work) just help you build more muscle, however if you are not smart about where you build the muscle mass, you may end up with a pretty weird, disproportional and unattractive body shape.
  • The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint prevents this from happening by focusing on certain muscles more than others.
  • With this program you will build a good overall symmetry with a dominant physique.

Reason #2 This program was created by somebody who is a former hardgainer and understands how hard it is to build muscles when you don’t have the genetics in your favor

  • Most of the fitness programs you see are created by trainers who are genetic outliers and have extraordinary genetics and don’t really care if you are a hardgainer or not. Most of the time they don’t even realize that for you it may be ten times harder to pack on the same amount of muscle mass they have.
  • The other type of a fitness program that is quite common is some sort of bodybuilding split that has been created by bodybuilders who are genetic freaks and use enormous amount of steroids and other illegal and possibly dangerous drugs.
  • This workout has been created specifically for guys who have trouble gaining muscle mass and nothing they’ve ever tried really worked for them.

Reason #3 This isn’t written in “sciencie language” and it’s quite easy to understand

  • You don’t need to have a master degree in exercise physiology to understand the concepts and techniques revealed in this program.
  • Everything is explained in simple and easy to understand way.

Reason #4 This is not based on some “bro-science” and never tested theories

  • 97% of advice you hear from fitness media and read in the fitness community is based on what’s called bro-science and most of it are just theories. Starvation mode, metabolic slow down, high protein intake to just name a few and all of these are all contrary to scientific research. Most of these theories are presented like facts and as the whole either live or die approach. This just reflects the the quality of the advice that current conventional fitness community offers.
  • If I recommend let’s say a supplement it’s only because I know that there is a quality research behind it. If I recommend something that is not proven to work yet, I will admit it and say that it’s just my recommendation based on an experience.

Reason #5 You will get into behind scene workout creation

  • I will let you in behind the scenes of this workout creation and explain you all the aspects of a good workout structure, how to work with intensity by adjusting sets, reps and rest periods and much more.
  • The knowledge you will gain from this program will help you understand the workout plan itself, so you won’t just blindly follow what I say.
  • It’s much easier to get results if you understand why you are doing certain things.

Reason #6 This workout is focused on helping you achieve what you really want

  • Lots of workouts out there are focused on conditioning, performance, making you more healthy and fit or just plain big. Which is a good thing and if this is what you want then with all means go for it.
  • However, if you are not interesting in spending 10 hours at the gym just for the sake of being healthy and being able to run faster or jump higher then this program is for you. Why? because its main purpose is to transform your physique so you can become happier, more confidence and most importantly look better with both shirt on and shirt off.
  • The bonus of working out with this program will be decent strength gain and performance improvement that you will definitely notice if you play some recreational sports. However, the main goal is to look better, everything else is secondary.
  • Even if this sounds like a not important fact to you, this is really what can make a difference whether you gaining 20 pounds of muscle mass or just 5 pounds.
  • This isn’t just a workout plan, it’s a full program with many different modules that will transform you into dominant man.

Why Jump on Board Today?

I don’t want to stress you with some crazy claims about tripling the price tomorrow, however I have to tell you that from experience I know that the guys who think that they will order the program tomorrow and simply get their look handled later, because they have lots of stuff to take care of now, they never will. They never get the workout, they never build a great body they could be proud of…they look the same year after year, if not worse, because they always have other stuff they need to do.

Truth is even if you think you don’t have the time right now, you can find it, trust me on this one. You will never have a better chance to build a great body than now there are only so many tomorrows…

It’s Time to Make a Transformation…Are You Ready?

If you take an average workout program (or even try to make your own and not fail in the process) it doesn’t mean that you will get good results. You see, most of the workouts available for the public aren’t usually designed to get you closer to some goal, it’s because people who design them don’t really care whether you actually get any results.

Even if you get a workout that is designed to get you some results it doesn’t necessarily mean these are the results you wanted at a first place. Too many guys get tricked into following a fancy performance based workout or crossfit workout they read about in a fitness magazine.

What usually happens is that you may end up fit, but still look the same. And by all mean if this is what you want then get a workout like that, but for the rest of you who want to transform our physique and build a dominant and good looking body (and do it in the shortest period of time) I have a different advice.

If you want to make a transformation and build a desirable physique, you have to get a workout program that is designed to build you that physique, period.

If you don’t, you will be struggling for years until you get some results, just remember my story I told you about earlier. These years could be devoted to doing something worthwhile like meeting people or starting a business, don’t you think?

I honestly believe that The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint is the best thing to follow if your goal is to transform your body and get into your peak physique, I also think that the workout plan I laid out for you in this program is the best option to start with and take with yourself to the gym.

Maybe now you are saying…okay Vaclav this all sounds like something that would help me a lot in my life, but I’m afraid I cannot afford a professional program like that. And if I charged what this program is worth you would probably be right.

But don’t worry. I’m not going to charge you some outrageous fees like most of the personal trainers do.

If you were to work with me on 1-on-1 as a private client and wanted me to design such a comprehensive workout for 8 month and coach you on how to use it then you might not be able to afford it. As of this moment I charge $179 a month for an hour long coaching call each week. Truth to be told, I was working on this program almost the whole Spring and even during the summer, testing it, tweaking it, recording and writing…so just do the math. It would be way over $2000, that’s for sure.

This is probably the amount of money you would pay me in total for coaching you on weekly basis just on the concepts I put into this program and the workout plan that I designed for you that’s included.

And because I understand that not everybody can make such an investment I created a program that would be accessible to everybody for a price that is even lower than the monthly coaching. Because I allow more people to order and download it I can lower the price significantly thus make it accessible for anybody.

In this program you will learn all of my best techniques and secrets for optimum muscle building and fat loss and you pay only a very small fraction of what you would pay if I were to coach you 1-on-1 as a part of my coaching program.

So, I’m not going to charge you $2000, which honestly would actually be just a fraction of what the post-production of this program cost.

I’m not even going to charge you half of that. No the price for you will be lower than $1000 (significantly!).

When you add up all the components this program’s value is at least $499,95, so I could easily charge $499,95, right? That would be reasonable considering you are getting cutting edge information on build a peak physique and transforming your life, right?

Forget about it.

It’s not even going to cost you as much as a new pair of Diesel Jeans that usually cost around $200.

Not even close.

Today, you are going to make only a small investment of $39.95.

That’s right, just one small investment of $39.95, no hidden payments, no recurring payments!

BTW this is the amount most guys pay for supplements EVERY single month. But in contrast to supplements, this program is not a magic pill and it actually works!

The reason why I’m not charging $499,95 that the program is actually worth of or more, but just $39.95 is because I want you to have a blueprint you can follow no matter what your financial situation is right now, because I know that even if you have to sacrifice something in your life for a month or two, you can make that payment and with this program you can make the transformation possible.

To get the program, just click on the “Order Now!” button bellow:

The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint yours today for a small payment of only:

Regular Price: 99.99

Today: $39.95

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Thank you for purchasing, I look forward to working with you.

Plus Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

I really want to make sure that there is no risk on your side. Which is why this program comes with a 100% money back guarantee, if you don’t like it for any reason then the only thing you have to do is to ask for your money back.

If you don’t think this is the best way to make a stunning transformation and build a desirable physique…just ask me to refund the program within 60 days.

No hassle, no questions asked.

I’m so confident that this program will work for you that I take on all the risks so you can keep the reward – A newly transformed, better looking, more desirable physique of a dominant and confident man.

What this means is that this opportunity is risk free for you.

The only thing you need to know about next is that it’s really easy to get started. You just have to click on the order button below and you can download the product within just a few seconds.

If you start with this program today, you will start making progress today! So, there is no reason to hesitate. Build the body you’ve never had, but we both know you deserve, it’s a birthright of every man.

Just click on the button below to get the The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint with Lifetime Updates Today and start with your transformation today! When you download the product, you will get three different modules that are designed to work together. There is a readme file you get with it that explains exactly where to start.

The modern mantra is “Just take the supplements, they will work if you just show up at the gym” but if you are anything like me (hardgainer and non-responder to traditional approach), you know this is BS. If you have a desire to get ripped and you have a  mind of a champion who doesn’t fall for magic pills and is willing to put in the work to have better body and life than anyone else around you, then this program will show you EXACTLY what to do to make a transformation, build a peak physique and become a dominant man.

Just click on the orange “Order Securely” button here:

Normally this done for you complete system costs $99.99,



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Make sure that you take a picture of yourself on day 1 and after you finish the program (or sooner if you like what you see) and send me these pictures along with a written or recorded story of how this program changed your life!


Your friend and coach,

Vaclav Gregor

Former Hard Gainer

Founder, Muscle Pyramid



Still not sure whether this is for you? Read again the paragraph about me desperately trying to put on some muscle mass for 3 years, with no results, all while following the traditional fitness approach that everyone in this industry is preaching. Remember how I got from skinny invisible kid to a ripped and dominant man? You can become that man too! I teach the principles of making this happen in this very program, just order and download this program right now and you can make this great transformation happen for yourself too.

Sign me up now!


If you don’t act now and won’t get started today, chances are you never will, because the moment you click away from this page you will get distracted by some new magic pill, supplement or crazy new piece of fitness equipment that will seem like the ultimate overnight success solution for you (the marketing for those magic pills can be very convincing!). In order to avoid further distraction and insure that you will transform yourself and build the body of your dreams start training today by getting a copy of The Peak Physique Transformation Blueprint.

I’m ready Vaclav… Sign me up now!