How to Approach Muscle Building

It’s really sad when a guy will say that he wants to gain some muscle mass quickly and just get it over with, so he can do different things in his life. Well, if this is your approach, then you don’t even have to try, because that approach won’t get you any results.

Building muscles is a long term commitment. You are not going to gain 30 pounds of muscle in the next 12 weeks despite that the supplement companies tell you otherwise. This insane gain would not be possible even if you were on steroids.

If you truly want to gain some muscles to reshape your body you need to understand that it won’t happen overnight.

Depending on your genetics, age, workout program and experience you may be looking at few pounds after several months of intense and consistent training. And don’t get me wrong even this slight gain will change your body shape.

Or do you think that two pounds of pure muscle is nothing? If you don’t believe me that it can transform your body then next time you are in a shop find a pound of meat and put it on your arm or chest, maybe that will give you an idea of how much even one pound of muscle really is.

Every pound makes a big difference. This is why if you want to transform your body shape gaining several pounds of muscle will be more than enough.

What you also need to realize is that muscle building is a process rather than a destination and that is exactly how should you approach it.

While, if you are just starting out, muscle building may seem like a goal and certain shape as a target, as you progress your perception will change. Once you have gained several pounds of muscle, shaped your body into certain body shape that you are happy with and after several years of training you will find out that there is always a room for improvement, no matter how good you look. This makes it a journey that never ends, which is not a bad thing. That’s just how the process works, you need to always work on yourself and once you are satisfied enough you need to maintain that look. Getting and having a good looking body is not something you do once and then stop. It’s a process.

Strength is transient, so is muscle growth. If you broke your arm and won’t be able to move with it for a month, your muscles will atrophy. If there wasn’t any gravitation your muscles would atrophy.

Once you build your muscles you need to work on keeping them, otherwise your body will naturally go into a state it was before you began training. By walking on earth, which has gravity and by training in the gym you will work your way up to your genetic potential. And like you probably now understand, if you want to stay there, you need to keep doing what you are doing – training.

It’s not like if you stop training for two weeks you will lose all of the muscle mass you’ve built in the last seven years and you will have to start again, but if you stop training, your strength will go down and ultimately your muscles will slowly start shrinking. Well, at least till you start training again.

I believe that it’s important to understand those basic biological processes, because they can help you understand how your body works, which leads to clearer understanding of how muscle growth really happens. And once you understand something, it’s much easier to get it, don’t you think? If you want to become a millionaire, you need to gain some knowledge about finance and business, muscle building is exactly the same.

Be Patient, It Takes Time

Building muscles requires effort and patience. You need to have a proper strength training workout program otherwise you are not getting anywhere.

Then you have to master your training style and lifting technique, because if your lifts sucks then it doesn’t really matter which workout you follow.

And once you have those things in line and mastered, you are looking at some months and years of hard work.

This is not meant to discourage you, not at all. Quite the opposite. I believe that if you know what you can expect and if you accept the fact that muscle building is a slow process then you won’t get frustrated after not seeing huge gains after 4 weeks.

Another thing is, don’t expect it to just be  going towards some goal, while you most definitely need to have a goal, reshaping your body will never end.

Muscle Building

Be patient, train hard and often and the results will come.

While you will undergo your biggest transformation and experience the biggest gains in the first 2-3 years of your training (assuming you already have a good workout, are consistent and have perfect lifting style and technique), there will always be some room for improvement.

Let me give you an example. My dear friend Allen Elliott decided to start competing in fitness modeling about two years ago.

When you go on stage it requires a completely different mindset and you need to be prepared to face some criticism and learn from it. Which is exactly what happened. After the contest ended he approached the judges and asked for feedback. They told him that he needs to develop his chest and shoulders, because his body is asymmetrical due to his well-developed legs.

And that is what muscle building is about. You are a sculptor and your body is a sculpture, a piece of art and you are responsible for the way it looks. If you need to work on your chest more, then do so. Maybe you will have to do some serious work on your calves or after several years of training you realize that your arms are very lacking compared to the rest of your body and you might add some workout specializations for them. Whatever it will be, it’s important to see this as a process.

Stop thinking that after few months or years of training you can just lay down and do nothing and you will look good for the rest of your life.

The lesson today is to see it as a process or as a journey and always try to improve yourself. And remember that training is something to be enjoyed, so find a way to make your workouts fun and develop a habit of going to the gym to train and have a great time with improving your body.

To avoid frustration, be less affected by marketing and to truly understand what is going in your body to build muscles, you need to understand these points:

  1. Muscle building is a process rather than a destination
  2. Muscle building is a never ending journey, there is always a room for improvement
  3. Muscle building require lot of effort, time and patience
Don’t get discouraged by this. Knowing what to expect gives you advantage and can help you avoid frustration.

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