How to Make Your Success Inevitable

This is going to be a rather short article, but one that every guy interested in muscle building should read. We will focus on a way that will help you stick to your goals and improve your planning skills.

In the last few articles we have been focusing a lot on bringing you down to earth from unrealistic claims you read on supplement covers and in magazine ads. Hopefully you now understand that there is no magic pill that can transform you from a skinny guy into a hulk in two months. And that you now know that the only way to build muscle mass and shape your body is through strength training and by having a well-designed workout plan that is aligned with your goals.

However, what if you already understand that you need to have a specific goal, workout that is aligned with that goal and a good lifting technique, what then? What if you know all this, but you just have hard time sticking to your plan? What if things doesn’t seem to work for you even though they should, because you are doing it all? What if you know what to do, but look the same month after month?

Sometimes it can be freaking hard figuring out what to do to achieve a major success in your life. Today I will give you a technique that I learnt from a gentleman named Eben Pagan. If you are into business you may have heard this before, it’s called Inevitability Thinking.

Achieve success

If you ask yourself what are the hardest things you could do or what would make achieving your goal inevitable you can come up with a pretty good plan, which if you stick to will leave you with no choice than to get amazing results.

Ask yourself these question:

  • “What do I have to do to make achieving my goal inevitable?”
  • “What steps do I have to take, so my body will have no choice, but to transform into the shape I want?”


  • Invest in a workout program (in your quest towards muscle building, there is just nothing more important than a good strength training workout, so stop spending 100 bucks a month on useless supplements and get yourself a proper muscle building workout plan)
  • Throw away all the high calorie food you have in your house that you like to snack on (ex.: chocolate, chips, ice-cream etc.)
  • If you suffer from analysis paralysis and feel overwhelmed by all the information you read each day, you can apply 20/80 rule, meaning for every 20 minutes you spend learning something about fitness, you spend other 80 minutes implementing it to your lifestyle and practicing it
  • Tell a friend that you will go to the gym 4 times a week and each time you skip, you will give him 100 bucks
  • Have a friend pick you up at your home and drive with you to the gym and train with you
  • Make a 90-day commitment to go to the gym 4 times a week and mark your calendar on those days

Think of what you have to do in your own unique situation.

This may sound like a stupid thing to ask yourself, but make no mistake by thinking it won’t help. You can keep looking for a new overnight success magic pill, new fancy supplement or some 5-minute a day fat burning workout or you can ask yourself few simple questions that can help you reveal things you had no idea you knew and start shaping your body into a shape you will be happy with

Right now you probably know everything you need to know in order to get in shape, so instead of going through dozens of books about new blood type diet, researching for crazy HIT workouts and scanning market for new supplements stop for a while and think about what you just read in this article. If you go through the rest of this day like you just read some random article that kept you interested for three minutes like every other day, nothing will change of course. However, if you actually stop, take five minutes of your time to think about it and write down some answers, you may find a solution to your “problem”, whether it’s a way to lose those last 15 pounds or a way to keep coming to the gym every other day and train hard.

So, tell us, what is that will make your success inevitable?

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About Vaclav Gregor

Vaclav Gregor is a peak physique coach and a former hard gainer from Czech Republic. Vaclav is a founder of Muscle Pyramid and a senior member of Adonis Lifestyle team. His focus is on helping young, busy guys, who are not satisfied with how they look, build a peak physique and a better life. He is a believer in doing things differently. Being connected to a few of the best scientists, fitness models and "behind scene guys" he knows the truth about fitness, bodybuilding, steroids and supplements. You can sign up for his free series on how to start building a better body with your training and diet plan here.