How to Build an Attractive Body without Being Obsessed by It

I you have seen in and you have seen in as well. We both know what the discussion is about. People not only guys start training and dieting and after a while they get obsessed with it.


People who are considered having extreme fitness lifestyle and life revolving around fitness usually have the below characteristics in common.

Obsession with nutrition & fitness lifestyle

  • They count every little calorie they consume
  • They are eating in a specific macronutrient ratio
  • They are scared to death of sugar, fat and alcohol
  • They weight their food
  • They are very strict when eating in the restaurant
  • They never go to a party, because it would mess up they workout or food schedule
You don't need to weight your food to build an attractive body.

You don't need to weight your food to build an attractive body.

Obsession with training

  • They work out every day and sometimes twice a day
  • They spend hours planning their workouts
  • They never skip any of their workout session in the whole year
  • They don’t socialize a lot
  • They tend to focus more on training and lifting more weight than on building an attractive body and spending time socializing
  • They think training is the single one most important thing in their lives
  • They usually work as personal trainers (But of course not all of the trainers are freaks and gym rats!!!)
  • They usually lack passion for activities other than strength training
  • They can’t take week off gym, because they are afraid of losing muscles
  • Wherever they travel they have to go the gym as they would go normally
  • They get angry when they can’t train
  • They may take some drugs or they have been taking something in past
  • They may participate in powerlifting or bodybuilding competitions

Do you recognize any of the above symptoms in your own life? Or in other people’s lives? Maybe you have some friends who live this kind of lifestyle.

Do you think you need to live like the people I’ve just described above to build an attractive body? No, not at all.

In fact you shouldn’t. Why? Because fitness is not the most important thing in your life, well at least I hope it’s not. Your goal is probably to build an attractive body to be more confident in your own skin, to be desirable to women and be able to enjoy life in a better way. Is this your goal?

Great. Then continue reading to find out why to do to build that attractive body without going crazy and bossed by it.

In few articles about two weeks ago I said to train hard, be consistent and don’t skip workout. Today I’m talking about the other side of the coin. You need to find a balance between working out and living the life you want. However in order to build an attractive body you need to work out a lot and often. So can we train a lot, often and still enjoy our lives? I have developed a simple plan for that. It’s called training in chunks. You dedicate two or three parts of year to hard, intensive and consistent training in which you develop a great physique and in the rest of the year you just focus on maintaining it and enjoying the results.

You train hard and then enjoy your attractive body. Each time you go to another chunk of hard training you progress even further. If this sounds interesting to you go and read the whole article written on this subject here -> Strength training in chunks

Another think is that just because you are putting more effort into something at a beginning it doesn’t mean it’s going to be always like that. Some people never get this, so learn from their mistake.

You have to focus more on certain areas when you are beginning. For example when you are starting working out, you are probably going put more effort and focus now at the beginning than in ten years. Now it may one of the most important things you want to do, but in two years you will be satisfied enough and treat the workout as something that is part of your life and doesn’t need enormous focus.

When you start your business you may work 15 hours a day for the first years. However, in ten years you may be working only two days in a week.

Get it? If you start doing something, working on certain areas of your life and improving them, especially if they are below average (never worked out, no experience with business etc.) it may be difficult and it will require lot of effort and focus, but what is important is that it needn’t have to be like that for the rest of your life.
Don’t let one area dictate your life and describe your character.

I’m sure you don’t want to be the guy that is always in the gym who thinks only about weighting his food, counting his calories, the gym rat, the bodybuilding freak, am I right?

For this dude drugs and strength training are his life, I think you don't wanna end up like him.

For this dude drugs and strength training are his life, I think you don't wanna end up like him.

So, what is the key?

It’s balance

Balance areas in your life and you will be more fulfilled and successful than ninety percent of the western population.

Pick one area, focus on it until you master it and then move on to another one.

For example get your physical look handled first, then move on to your social life. Once you are satisfied with your body and social network start working on improving your financial situation etc. Got it?

Commit yourself to master your whole life.

Everybody picks only one area that hey focus on in their life, be different. Master all of them. It’s the only way to get fulfillment, long term happiness and become successful in life.

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