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A few years ago I hit a milestone in the weightroom that I thought would signify the end of my “soft and weak” days and be the beginning of a new era ­ a time when I would finally have succeeded at building the muscular, defined body that I had always wanted.

This “milestone” that I speak of was that of bench pressing “three­plates” (three forty­five pound plates on each side of the bar) totalling 315 pounds.

For some reason I had always had this in my mind as the ultimate goal: and if I’m being honest, my hopes for this were less about achieving a certain level of strength and more about the idea that this feat would guarantee the kind of muscular development and “look” that I wanted.

Interestingly, rather than this being the answer to all of my problems, the pursuit of a 315­pound bench press turned out to be more of a hinderance than a signifying milestone…

The Dangers of Focusing Too Much On Strength

My goal when working out has always been to improve the way I look and maintain enough functionality to perform the tasks of daily living (which for me, includes recreational sports).

I guess you could say I was after the “lean, athletic look”, which emphasizes looking good but includes enough “functional” training to be active in everyday life.

My goal, however, has never been incredible amounts of strength. The main reason I spent so much time trying to get stronger is because I believed that was the best way to build muscle and become more athletic.

Interestingly, my goal of a 315­ pound bench ended up being something that was holding me back from building the kind of physique I wanted, not something that was helping me achieve it.

By placing so much emphasis on strength, I had adopted an approach that emphasized the movement over the muscle ­ something that was actually hindering my ability to build targeted muscle.

Placing too much emphasis on maximum strength in compound lifts causes you to become more focused on performing a movement and less about working the muscle.

When you do this, you often end up with “sleeping muscle syndrome”, something I have come up with to describe the condition when someone struggles to actually feel their muscles while working out.

Another way to put this is by saying you have a weak mind muscle connection (mmc). Having a good MMC is crucial for full muscular development and is the key to having the dense, hard look that separates an average physique from one that really stands out from the crowd.

Surprisingly, you can get very strong without having a great, or even good, mmc ­ I know, because as I explained above ­ I have experienced this firsthand.

This is because you can become very efficient at movements ­ at teaching multiple muscles and joints to work together to produce a lot of collective force ­ without being able to work individual muscles.

On the left: Me when I focused on strength and could bench 315. On the right: Me now, when I focus on working the muscle and allow for natural strength progression.

On the left: Me when I focused on strength and could bench 315. On the right: Me now, when I focus on working the muscle and allow for natural strength progression.

page2image13008 page2image13168

Strength, in terms of “moving a lot of weight from one place to another” in itself will not do a lot to help you build fully developed muscle; in order to do that you need to improve strength within the context of working the muscle, not simply performing movements.

How To Awaken Sleeping Muscles

So what do you do if you are someone who has put too much emphasis on strength and recognizes that you have a weak mmc?

There are two main things you can do to reverse sleeping muscle syndrome and improve mmc so that you can leave the “soft, flat” look behind get more dense, defined muscle.

Change Focus

First, you will need to change your approach in the gym. There are a few ways to do this and nearly all revolve around improving your mind to muscle connection. The best way to do this without overcomplicating things is to align your lifting with your breathing.

This means you will need to s­l­o­w d­o­w­n and use light(er) weights. Remember: “light” weight is relative, choose a weight that allows you to complete the prescribed amount of reps with perfect form using the target muscle.

When I say “slow down”, I am referring to the tempo of each rep. Tempo is one of those things that is rarely used in workouts because most people find specific tempo guidelines complicated. However, I have found a simple solution to this: try adding the following tempo to your workouts from now on (borrowed from Brad Pilon):

During each rep, lower the rep while inhaling and counting 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand; pause for a second at the bottom of the lift; then complete the “lifting” portion of the lift while exhaling to the count of 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand. The entire motion should be controlled (i.e. you controlling the weight; not the other way around).

By slowing down and applying this basic approach to tempo, you should feel the target muscle working during each rep of each set.

There will be stabilizing muscles contributing, but overall, on any given lift, there should be one muscle (or muscle group) that you feel above all else. When you set the weight down, you should know, without a doubt, that you just worked the target muscle.

Retrain Your Muscles

Second, you need to retrain your muscles to “activate” so that you aren’t just going through the motions and moving weight from one place to another.

The following practice for improving mmc will help you feel your muscles more during workouts (allowing you to get a better pump) and give your muscles a more flexed and hard look ­ and all you need is about 10­minutes and a basic exercise band.

You don’t want a really thick band for this ­ I often use a 1/2 band and find that this works well for most people.

The plan: Each day, you are going to perform a few activation sets for the muscles that need improvement in mmc and/or overall aesthetic appearance.

Here’s a sample layout that uses a circuit approach to hit a few different muscles:

  1. Band Biceps Curl – ­3 sets of 10reps / 5 ­second isometric hold at peak contraction
  2. Band Triceps Extension - 3 sets of 10reps / 5 ­second isometric hold at peak contractioncontraction
  3. Band Lateral Raise ­3 sets of 10reps / 5 ­second isometric hold at peak contractioncontraction
  4. Band V­-Press ­- 3 sets of 10reps / 5 ­second isometric hold at peak contraction

Note: For triceps extension, loop band around something or hang it on a door. If neither of these is an option, stand on the band and do overhead triceps extensions.

The isometrics holds are going to help maximize tension, which not only improves mmc, but also increases true muscle “tone” and helps give your muscles more of a flexed look, even when they are in a relaxed state.

The goal is to perform this “mini­workout” at least once per day (although twice per day could be beneficial if you want to spend the extra time).

Ideally, you will do this mini­workout at a separate time from your actual workouts, since one of the main goals is to increase the frequency of muscle contractions.

It is important to note that these are “activation sets” and the goal is to activate the muscle, not annihilate it;?meaning your goal is somewhat different with these exercises than those in your regular workout.

For these activation exercises, the goal is to create maximum tension in the muscle and really focus on f?eeling i?t work ­ not to work the muscle to “failure.”

Closing Thoughts

The goal of this article is to provide some “big picture” perspectives that will help you focus on what is truly important for building muscle and achieving your ideal “look.”

Pursuing strength, while important, can be something that holds you back and prevents you from keeping the focus on working the muscle ­ something that is key for full muscular development.

By applying the strategies outlined above ­ focusing on working the muscle by slowing down the tempo of exercises and refusing to just sling weight around and by using the simple mini­workouts to increase muscle activation and retrain your mind muscle connection ­ you will start to see significant changes in the appearance of your muscles over time.

When you focus on muscle activation first, strength gains will come naturally over time. Contrary to popular belief (and recommendation), strength gains are rarely linear ­ you may use the same weight for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden you notice that weight is too light and you progress naturally to a heavier weight ­ that is completely fine.

As long as you are using heavier weights over a period of time, you will be increasing strength enough to facilitate muscle gains.

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How to Recover from BODYBUILDING Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:00:08 +0000 At one point in my life I thought that lifting weights would take care of everything. I thought that I would get a job as a personal trainer and therefore get my finances handled.

I thought I would form great friendships with fellow bodybuilders.

I thought I would get hot girls on their knees begging to fulfil my wildest dreams.

I thought no one would disrespect a muscular man like me.

I believed the shit that the bodybuilding industry had sold me on. Look at most supplements and newsletters, it seems as if just by doing their workouts your wiener will grow by three inches.

It sounds like common sense that lifting weights will not get you all this stuff, however me personally and LOTS OF PEOPLE I know have done just that. I also keep meeting more and more people who think this way.

I call it “BIG-ing” your way through life. My Mentor John Barban “invented” this term, our stories are similar. Both of us were in a relationship with a girl, both our relationships ended tragically. We also thought that our wall of muscle will get us through everything.

Both of us ended up figuring out that there is more to life than lifting which SMASHED our castle of glass to pieces.

If you only chill with bodybuilders, all that you will talk about is bodybuilding. Sounds cool at the beginning, but after preparing meals all day long and workouts that take hours and hours at a time, talking about it gets bland.

I also got made fun of a lot if I ever spent time going out. People don’t understand your chicken breast Tupper ware and it’s not even necessary! All that you will have on your mind is bodybuilding as well. So socializing is out of the equation.

The shallow girls you will attract will only want you for one thing, which is awesome! However, if you don’t work on your relationships you will never have any, no matter how big your guns are.

Lifting has great benefits! But it’s not a mean to every end.


That's pretty much what I looked like

That’s pretty much what I looked like


After sitting on my couch with my shirt off for a few months looking all ripped and yoked up with no friends, no girls and a lame life. I decided that it can’t go on like this. I also promised myself not to lose my hard earned gains in the process.

I thought to myself “There MUST BE a Way!”

So what did I do differently from then on?

I will give you a few points in a nutshell, if you are interested in hearing more about certain points you could comment on Facebook on what you wanna hear ;)

  1. Women: In order to meet a lot of women and date them, guess what you have to do.

TALK to women! I see guys at clubs/bars all ripped, rich and confident but ya ain’t getting any by standing in a corner waiting for something to happen. So how do you do it? Go up and say “Hey what’s up my name is…, how was your day?” Simple as that! Women dress up fine at night, do you think they do this NOT to be noticed and talked to?

  1. Friends: In all honesty, I ditched most of my friends. They were all talking shit and I couldn’t take it anymore. Now instead of “hanging out” with people all I do is invite positive people to certain activities that I would have done on my own anyways. Either lifting weights with them, go out and talk to girls or 2 weeks ago I went bungee jumping on Europe’s highest place with an old friend which was pretty epic.

Sometimes I will do normal people stuff like eating lunch etc. If these people positive and work on themselves. But 90% of people are quite frankly pricks who talk down on YOU and waste your time. Sounds harsh but unfortunately it’s true.


  1. I can’t give you a lot of advice on business and school, however I can tell you that:

Once you removed your foot of the break (meaning stop spending time with pricks) you will have time to put your foot on the gas (meaning finally having time that you would have otherwise spent with pricks). You can use the time you gained to lift weights, make cash, travel and all this cool stuff! Therefore “No Time = No Problem”


  1. Another huge time waster bodybuilders have is the good ol’ rice, broccoli and chicken 6 times a day mantra. Well, I urge you to read ALL our diet info, because eating 6 times a day improves your life just as much as bathing in horse excrements.



Just as much as business doesn’t give you a yoked body, lifting weights won’t get you a good business. Do the things you have to do, to get the things you want to get. The principles you learn in weight lifting will help you tremendously.

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How to get YOUR GIRLFRIEND to Start Lifting Part TWO Wed, 02 Jul 2014 10:20:00 +0000 After we discussed some misinformation about women + weights in part 1, we now move onto part 2 ;)

Here are some more issues I encountered about the topic of women’s fitness:

  • Do others seeing them workout intimidate them?
  • Would they enjoy working out with you?
  • Would they rather workout alone?
  • Do they like music?


Women may think they do not have the ability:


They may need to try it to learn that it’s really something they can do. It would be helpful for them to get involved with a community of women who can help support them.


For many women even if they don’t enjoy it at first that, the body adapts fairly quickly and it becomes enjoyable them.  They just need to get past the initial stage of soreness.  It’s helpful for them to have support from someone with confidence tell them it really is just temporary and that it’s okay to work through it.


Here are what several women have to say once they finally broke through the initial stage:


“I started with zero weights on the workouts. My body was too weak and I had to really push to do them. I even had to work in some substitutions on certain moves. At the end of my first few weeks, I was able to work up to 15 and 20 pound weights for most of the movements. That is a huge accomplishment for my body and made a tremendous impact on my mind.”


“I also have the mindset of no excuses. I find ways to make this work for my schedule, my life, and to be able to maintain my new routines for life. I no longer see myself as weak!”


It is more than just a matter of willpower and discipline:


Eirik Garnas says, “While it’s often believed that exercise is just a matter of willpower and discipline, science clearly shows that other factors also play a significant role.” 


I started my own fat loss journey in this predicament.  I had many health issues regarding the fact that I was obese and it made me fatigued and tired all the time.  I commonly hear other women describe exactly how I felt at the time “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!”


My hormones were messed up by the mere fact that I was obese. It made me feel too tired to workout.  But with small baby steps day by day and lots of support and encouragement this can be overcome.  The amazing thing that happens in the end for those who don’t give up is that the hormone situation improves (even in mid life!), the energy comes back, and one realizes that the extra weight was a huge burden on the body.


It is hard to get back in the groove after a break in the routine:


A coach or consistent support after a hiatus or vacation is very important.  When working out is not yet a long time habit it’s hard to know how to get started again. Women need to know that any small step forward into the routine helps get the momentum rolling again.  They need to know that it does not have to be an unsustainable all or nothing effort; just get back to it once and the ball is rolling again, and three days a week is enough.


One woman said, “What keeps me motivated is that I have worked too darn hard over the past few months to let it slide backwards. After a recent vacation when I started yet again I kept thinking of how strong I used to be. I don’t ever want to have to start all over again. Three times a week in the gym is doable and sustainable and I can do this for life!”


Health benefits


Lifting weights increases bone density, which is important for all women, young and old.  It also improves health markers, functionality, and quality of life.


It improves mental and emotional health for women by improving self-esteem.  It is a tremendous sense of strength and empowerment.


As one woman put it:


“I was looking for a diet but I was also looking for a fitness program so this was a massive bonus though I never thought of lifting. This seems silly in retrospect, as lifting is the answer to all my health concerns.”


“I now look at ladies who lift with admiration. So there, I have always been proud of being a strong woman who makes strong choices and for the first time I have found a routine that might develop that very strength on a physical level too.”


For me personally I’ve learned recently how important weight lifting is for improving bone density and warding off osteoporosis.  I had a DXA scan done which showed that in my middle age my bone density is equivalent to a 30-year-old athlete.  If that isn’t the fountain of youth I’m not sure what is!


Young girls need to know that the sooner they start the better.  Not only will it make them have a sexy look while young, but also they will still have it when they get older, along with the benefit of better health and quality of life.




Once women get started on a program there are three main things that help keep them motivated regarding the time they enjoy with the actual workout; Time with girlfriends, time alone, and time with their significant other.  I personally enjoy a mix of all three of these scenarios every week.


Working out with friends


For many women having the camaraderie with girlfriends is key to enjoying a workout.  I enjoy this several times a week with coaching clients whom I’ve developed lasting friendships with.


I see many women workout together out at the gym I belong to and they each depend on the others for support and accountability. They enjoy the time laughing and talking in between sets.



Working out with others can create great bonds


Working out alone


Many girls totally enjoy the alone time or “me” time.  This is when they get to escape the stress of work and family with a good playlist and get into the “zone”.  Finding new music and creating new workout playlists is a big motivator for women like us.


Working out with their significant other


I know I’m not the only one who absolutely loves this time with my husband.  We’ve been married 25 years and I’ve loved our workouts together from the time we dated until now.  During this time I leave my music playlist in my gym bag and we spot each other and enjoy hugs, giggles, teasing, laughter, and bouncing ideas around in between lifting sets.


What will you do now?


As you can now see this is no simple task, but its well worth the investment to help her out.  It’s going to take some careful communication to see what to do next.


If she’s young you will have to convince her it is sexy and makes a girl stunning. If she keeps it up she will later be glad for all of the health benefits.  Her perspective about it will change as she gains experience and wisdom.


Now that you know, what will you do?

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How to get YOUR GIRLFRIEND to Start Lifting Part ONE Mon, 23 Jun 2014 13:27:45 +0000 There is nothing simple about asking a girl to start lifting weights. Fundamental to being successful means not just suggesting going to the gym but actively participating in your partner’s ongoing success.

If she needs to lose weight you may need to help setup her environment for success. Since this article is about how to get your girl to go to the gym, be prepared to sign on for the full ride.


First, there are a number of things that need to be considered:

  • How is their health?
  • Are they overweight or obese?
  • Do they enjoy exercise?
  • Have they ever enjoyed exercise?
  • Have they ever had a bad experience with a personal trainer?
  • Are they intimidated by weight lifting?
  • Do they think it is something they could never do?
  • What is their self-image?
  • Are they afraid they will look bulky or manly if they lift weights?


For many women there is nothing you can say to make them desire the gym.  For some it really does takes a rock bottom health issue staring them in the face to consider trying it.  For others it might be an important event in their life like their own wedding to get them motivated. If they are overweight or obese it hurts to exercise and it’s kind of a catch 22 where some overcoming must be done.  Then there are others (like me) who are eager to try at the mere mention.

When it comes to starting an exercise program and also a nutrition program for fat loss it’s very important for her success to have the complete support of her significant other.


Fit girls are sexy


Lifting weights is the fountain of youth. Younger girls in their twenties have totally different motivation compared to women approaching their forties and older.


Young girls have youth on their side and unless they are obese or have health problems many are not going to see the value in hitting the gym.


There is a reason why the photographer chose to use Vanessa Hudgens as the subject of nearly all of the photos in this Daily Mail article about Ashley Tisdale’s bachelorette party.  She is the only fit girl at the party.  Fit girls are attractive, sexy, and eye catching.


Some girls might think the other girls look good enough, and while that may be true for some eyes, the fit look is much more stunning and sexy.  If you can convince your girl of this and spend some quality time helping her make her gym time fun this might work.



Fit girls ARE sexy


Overcoming obstacles


They need support from their significant other: 


Some woman may have had a bad experience with a personal trainer or coach who overworked them in an unsustainable manner. They may have had a coach who did not properly nurture them regarding self worth and emotional issues.  It’s important to be gentle and not overly critical.  Of course it’s important to help them regarding proper form, but otherwise gently let them learn at their own pace.


Women need gentle support from their significant other.  Here is what some women had to say about the support they got from their significant other:


My significant other said to me “I love you and you are always going to be sexy to me, but you are heavier now than when we got together and I’m worried about you.” I don’t know that he had in mind that it was going to be changing how I eat and lifting weights that were going to be the ticket to the healthier version of me. But he encouraged me to find something, he said, “don’t worry about the money, we’ll figure it out.”


Some women feel intimidated at a gym:


Many women feel intimidated.  Some feel because they are overweight or not yet physically fit that they don’t deserve the “space” at the gym.  We have to help them learn that they have just as much right to “claim their spot” using an area or equipment for the duration of their routine.


Some women will not be comfortable in a public gym at all or the added travel is just too much for their busy schedule.  You might need to help them set up something simple at home.  One woman loved the show of support from her husband when he did this for her “I loved that he found the dumbbells in the garage, cleaned them up and brought them in the house for me”.  It’s important to find out if she is in the right frame of mind and agrees to the process before setting up the home gym for her.


When a girl loses excess fat along with learning to lift weights her self-image improves. She may feel more self-confident and consider starting workouts at a public gym.


Some women are afraid of getting bulking or looking manly:

It’s important acquire the knowledge that naturally women don’t have the hormones to get bulky.  They need to know that unusually bulky women might be getting help from drugs.  Sometimes “bulky” simply means there is too much fat combined with normally developed muscles, so once the fat is lost through nutrition the look becomes more feminine.


I love this focus for women in fitness: “The focus is proportions and shape (rather than weight loss at all costs or building muscle like a guy)” – John Barban.


Here are the words from a woman who learned that female muscles can be beautiful:


I learned that lifting is for shaping and the right amount of food is for losing fat. I got motivated to go to the gym because I hit the 225-pound mark on the scale. I joined a program with a personal trainer and for 12 weeks was eating six meals a day and working out to failure three days a week and cardio for another three. It was not sustainable. Now I do a more sustainable program and I lift because it feels good. I lift because I know it is creating a beautiful feminine shape and female muscles are beautiful. I lift for the sensation of being a powerful woman. I lift so that I can be present and available for my work. I lift so that I can age gracefully.

Now that we busted some of the myths, get ready for part 2! :)

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Mastery Through the Iron Game, Part II Mon, 02 Jun 2014 12:55:56 +0000 How you doing? In Part I we talked about how mastering something (anything) teaches you the principles of Mastery, which can be applied to anything else in life you want to improve on, and what those principles are.

Today, I’m going to tell you about some more awesome lessons on Mastery that the Iron Game taught me. These lessons have been crucial to my personal development in recent years, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s dive in.


Habits vs Activities:

If you want to make progress in anything, you need to build a habit and make it a part of your lifestyle.

There’s no ‘Six Months to a Six Pack’ and you’re done; there’s no ‘Black Belt in Six Months’ and you stop training; there’s no ‘Get-Rich-Quick-and-Never-Work-Again’ plan.


If you get one area of your life handled and hit the mark, do you think you’re done? Lol, imagine if Steve Jobs had quit Apple after he’d made his first million – there would be no iPhone and he’d have blown his money on fruit or something (apparently he was a Fruitarian for a while).

After you make your fitness photoshoot or make your first million it just keeps going.

If you quit lifting and dieting you’ll get fat and if you stop working you’ll get into debt, so:

Make whatever it is you’re working towards your lifestyle, and make sure you choose something that makes you happy.


Identify areas you’re not so psyched for and do something about it:

I like lifting so getting to the gym is no problem, but the diet… Ugh it’s so freakin’ hard. And when it comes to studying for school I don’t exactly get all excited about it and run to my desk.

I’ll admit that I’m a pussy in certain areas of my life and you have to do the same if you want to improve.

Just be honest!

So should we all just accept our weaknesses and live with not getting the things we want?

Of course not.

By getting in shape I learned how to plan my day - I schedule certain things at certain times, so I never feel drained and accomplish everything I need to for that day.

For example, when I’m dieting down I know that I’m going to cheat if I get home from school and start studying right away. I need to recharge my willpower with a nap, then I feel strong enough to study and keep my calories in check.

Or, when I need to study, I know I’m not going to do it after I’ve been to the gym and done other things during the day – I’ll be too tired. So, as soon as I wake up, I eat a snack, sit down and start studying until I can’t hold the pen anymore.

If you start dieting and lifting, you’ll need to identify your weaknesses and strengths and work your day around them.

Don’t shy away from it – I’m glad I found my weaknesses because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to work with them effectively. This will so help me in my business life.


Mastery takes hours and hours…. and hours, of practicing your craft:

I knew this skinny guy who wanted to work out with me, I turned him down because my contract with the gym ran out. This guy was in the swimming team and swam every day, he also lifted 5 times a week. He played volleyball twice a week and then he also asked me to teach him some kickboxing.

For now, let’s call him ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’.

If you look at anyone who became somewhat popular in anything, that person has spent hours and hours honing their craft. Michael Jordan practiced free throws 5 hours a day, Jim Rohn worked on his business 6 days a week, 10 hours a day and I know some pick up artists who go out every single night of the week until the club closes at 7am.

How is Jack-Of-All-Trades going to master any of the activities he does?

He just won’t.

If you want to get really good at something, to master it, you need to beat it to death.

It will interfere with your relationships, health and emotions – it has to be worth it for you. This is probably the most important thing the Iron Game has taught me.

You need to immerse yourself in one thing and stop your mental masturbation over other things.

Stay focused, like the Flow of a River

Stay focused, like the Flow of a River

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take part in other activities, but you’ll obviously have to devote less time to them.

My last point is that, although you’ll learn a lot of spiritual, mental and physical lessons on your Iron Game path, don’t let those lessons be so all-consuming that you lose sight of your Iron Game goal: to get in awesome shape.

Looking back, you’ll notice all the awesome things you learned.


You’ll be a better man, whose muscles are big but whose wisdom is bigger.


Our flagship program is designed to cut straight through the BS and get straight into the work – the right work. I’m excited to give this to you. It’ll put you through the meat-grinder and make you a better man; no six-meals-a-day, no cardio, just hard work and endless gains.

Click here if you want to become a better man.

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Mastery Through The Iron Game, Part I Mon, 19 May 2014 13:00:36 +0000

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all.”

- Michelangelo

I’ll tell you one thing, the process of getting in shape is hard, really hard. It’s not complicated, but it’s hard. It will expose your weaknesses, 24/7. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Is it worth it?

Fuck yeah!

Of course the muscles will look good, girls are going to check you out and having all the attention in the gym when you’re ripped is pretty cool. But in all honesty, I don’t give a crap about that anymore, the iron game has taught me some of the most important lessons of my life.

I mean, you might think that having your dream body is like magic that opens all kinds of doors (health, social, mental etc), but once you have it, it’s actually really really different!

You’ll actually gain skills you didn’t even think of before. The Iron Game isn’t simply the whole meathead protein-lover world anymore; you do actually meet well-balanced people who bodybuild – however, there are still too many people who live at the gym and miss out on life’s adventures, fearful that they might ‘lose some muscle’, or have to eat a certain type of food (shit ain’t that serious bro).

Anyway, the skill I’m talking about is ‘Mastery’. It basically means that once you’ve mastered something, you can then apply those learned principles and skills to master something else.

Let’s take a look at what some of those principles and skills are…


Pay Attention to the Lessons you learn by the Journey of Mastery

Pay Attention to the Lessons you learn on the Journey to Mastery


Once you get the Basics down, the rest is decoration:

You may see how some lifters eat six times a day and at the same time you see lifters who eat once a day, yet both of them are ripped out of their minds. What does that mean? It means that both of them have a caloric deficit going on. Caloric Deficit is one of the Basics; the pattern of eating used to achieve that is just ‘decoration’.

Let’s say you want to master reading to a degree where you can absorb information from books effectively and efficiently, instead of skimming through them and being left wondering what you were actually reading (we’ve all been there!).  One of the Basics is to find the “skeleton” of the book by paying attention to the index of contents. This enables you to form the semblance of a ‘track’ to follow in your mind. It is then much easier to piece the book’s information together in an orderly manner as you’re reading.

There, you have one of the Basics of reading a book – it’s made the acquiring of information so much easier for me, and it will for you, too :)


Find a Mentor:

If you’re able to find a mentor who is very advanced in a certain subject and he can put the basics into simple terms, you’ll master about 80% of the skillset you’re after.

It’s amazing how dieting and lifting has given me such a huge insight; if you acquire the important basics of any new activity quickly, you can become great at it in a relatively short space of time, but you must acquire the correct basics, and that’s where a good mentor comes in.


Seeing things the way they really are instead of chasing a fantasy:

I recently learned that, once you acquire a certain skill or goal, things are not the way you imagined them to be… at all! In your head you have a lot of weird stuff going on (everybody has that); you have a certain self image – your ego – and you think “once I have x or y, everything will be different.” It might be girls, money, cars, looks, whatever.

The reality, however, is ALWAYS different. Please do yourself a favor and stop thinking that you’ll get a better job because you have broader shoulders, or that other men will give you loads of respect because you’ve got big muscles (some jerks need to be put in their place, but your biceps won’t do that for you – you have to do it yourself).

It’s kind of like self defence, be it a street fight or mugging or whatever. Do you think that a karate black belt will never get mugged? Or that an mma pro fighter can beat any street fighter?


They will get their asses handed to them big time. You rarely meet an mma fighter or karate black belt who knows how to defend against knifes, and some martial artists (especially mma fighters) behave like cocky idiots in such situations, which is the worst thing to do. They should walk away instead. That’s another example of fantasy vs real life.

Does that mean there’s no point getting in ultra good shape? Well, look out for Part II to learn about what lifting actually did for me, compared to what I thought it was going to do ;-). I don’t think any other activity could have given me so much wisdom.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to get in shape, grab our Blueprint program. No matter where you’re at, this program will get you in killer shape. At Muscle Pyramid, we want you to master this area of your life.

Master your body and your life.

Check it out here.

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How to Build a Habit Mon, 21 Apr 2014 13:59:38 +0000 “Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.”

- Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn hit the nail on the head with his quote. Your HABITS are what differentiates you from the rest of the world. It’s what makes you an individual. Good habits make you successful and bad habits make you a loser. This goes for every area of your life, especially getting in shape.

The three main components of bodybuilding, around which you build your habits, are:

  1. Diet

  2. Training

  3. Supplements

If you look on our website you will find huge amounts of info on diet, training and supplementation. In this article, however, I’d rather discuss how to build a habit and the importance of habits.


Set your habits into the right direction and your life will follow

Set your habits into the right direction and your life will follow


How Do You Build a Habit?

  • It starts off with what you want. Be it a body, money or whatever, it’s the idea that will get you started. Just like the quote at the top says: “Motivation is what gets you started”. In our case that would be a Hollywood/Men’s Health body. You will imagine how it feels to look that way ;) and hey presto, your motivation has just been formed.
  • What will your habits be? For example, you have to decide how soon you want a great body, which directly influences how frequently you go to the gym (3 to 7 times a week if you want to get this handled within 3 to 6 months). You may be a little shocked by this, but you have to accept it. If you can’t accept that and expect immediate results you won’t get anywhere. You need to do things for quite a long time to get significant results. This goes for anything, not just bodybuilding.
  • After that, you need to follow through, regardless of the results (SUPER IMPORTANT). This is what a habit is. The difference between a champion and a loser is what their habits are. Period. It’s not very complicated but it’s still not easy. Don’t get upset along the way or get distracted. It doesn’t matter whether or not you ate, for example. All you need to do is show up.
  • Choose a teacher who you can trust. If they speak common sense that you can implement in your life then follow them and cut out every other distraction (especially silly marketing).

If you focus on the process you created in the second step nothing can stop you! They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit, I’m not sure if you can put an exact time frame on it, but all that matters is that you develop your habits as quickly as possible.


Why Are Habits Important?

As I mentioned before, habits will either make or break you as a man. It really is the thing you need to master if you want to rise to the top. If your habit is smoking and drinking guess what will happen to you? Yes, you’re gonna die sooner.

Let’s say you develop the habit of eating fruit every day. You will feel better, be healthier and live longer. If you develop the habit of working out 4 times a week for 6 months using mind muscle connection, will you get the muscle you want? Hell yeah! You just need to do it and put it into your daily routine.

Once you develop a habit, it’s part of your LIFE, a part of who you are. Of course, you won’t make it to the gym sometimes and here’s where it gets interesting. Once you have built a habit successfully and you miss the gym one time, for example, you’ll feel bad. Normal people think “ah well I didn’t make it today, no worries, it’ll be good recovery time”. But that won’t be true for you – it will actually feel as if you missed out on life for a bit. Whenever I miss a workout I feel a bit bad about it and I’m not in a good mood. That tells me it’s become part of my life – I’ve successfully built a habit.

You have the choice to ‘custom-build’ your body, wealth, spirituality, relationships and business. These components of life are (and will continue to be) a product of your habits. Decide what you want these components to look like and decide what habits you need to develop in order to get there.

If you want to get yourself the body that gets you girls and added respect from guys, you need to develop the correct habits. To find out what those are, go here. This is a blueprint that you’ve just got to follow and we promise you that you will get an awesome and desirable body. If you don’t believe us, do it and you can have your money back if it doesn’t work :)

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Use Leverage to Eliminate Injuries Mon, 07 Apr 2014 13:00:37 +0000 Anybody who has been involved in physical training knows that injuries are part of the game. However, dealing with them is tough, mentally and physically. Doing the rehab/prehab exercises often feels lame – I find myself skipping them more than once in a while.

Let’s be honest, injury-prevention exercises are boring and time-consuming. If you’re anything like me you’re fired up before and after your workouts and psyched to crush it, rather than doing dull little joint stabilization exercises. I would say, however, that the world is “a mean and nasty place” (Rocky lol) and you just have to do them. They’re important.


A neck strain can soon turn into a herniated Disc!

A neck strain can soon turn into a Herniated Disc!


When injuries do happen, they can be really tough to deal with. In terms of the mental aspect of it, personally I frequently get negative thoughts like “what if I can never train again?”, and “my career is over without fitness” etc etc. However, I learned how to deal with these negative thoughts to a certain degree by noticing that they’re based largely on emotion only, and not entirely rational. 30 minutes of meditation a day puts things into perspective – it gives you the clarity to see how your emotions play tricks on you and how to move on from them, knowing that things will get better. You can also consider the fact that some people participate in sports with all kinds of disabilities, so I guess we can live with a few aches and pains here and there!

Now, all that being said, to really manifest the habit of proper prehab/rehab, you need ‘LEVERAGE’. Leverage gives you the motivation to do something that bores you. For example, some people quit smoking because a person close to them died of lung cancer. Others religiously put seat belts on after someone close to them was paralyzed in a car crash.

That’s their leverage…

Here’s some leverage for you:

If you don’t think long term about your injury prevention and/or rehab, you might find yourself unable to train for months/YEARS. 

What does that lead to?

You’ll find yourself less attractive; you’ll think you’re less entitled to get ‘that girl’. She puts a lot of effort into her looks, why shouldn’t you?

You will almost certainly indulge in a lot of food, and the food will probably be unhealthy, too. That could lead to anything from cancer through to erectile dysfunction.

You’ll be the guy at the pool party/beach with a shirt on and everyone will know what you’re hiding under there. Guess who will pick on you for that? Yeah, your buddies – even more embarrassing when there are girls around.

Worst of all is when you know that you could have done something differently, but you didn’t. You will feel like S*IT. Worst case scenario, it could lead to a downward spiral of depression, anger and sadness.

Don’t write this off as an exaggeration – I’m trying to give you a reality check to get you to do your prehab/rehab exercises. As I said earlier, Leverage is key.

Please do your prehab and rehab, it will save you a lot of suffering. Use Leverage to get you through the boring stuff, so you can avoid some nasty consequences. Use Leverage in all areas of life to make your dreams come true ;).

The founder of the site, Vaclav Gregor, created our “Blueprint” program which has great info on how to lift to avoid injuries and really get RIPPED. It also contains a huge amount of info on muscle soreness (good indicator of possible injuries). It’s the perfect program to get you into the best shape possible and stay injury free.


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Time is NOT an Excuse Tue, 01 Apr 2014 13:00:17 +0000 A lot of people live the “Bodybuilding Lifestyle”, which is easy if you have a job in the fitness industry, but harder if you have a job in a different field. Does that mean you can’t forge your body into a fantastic-looking Hollywood style body?


You can look awesome as hell with pretty much any job! Except if you work in the mines or something haha.

It pretty much comes down to this: If you think you are too busy, what do you do waste time on – time that could be spent at the gym instead?


Many people spend their time with stupid friends who are actually time vampires that drag you down. Personally, I drop romantic/friendship relationships really quick if they’re not good for me, because life is short and you’d better hustle to get to where you want to be, instead of wasting time on “sheep”. They call me an asshole for it, but who cares about the opinion of some loser?

Although time has HUGE value in your life, another important aspect is the influence your surroundings have on you. If you pay attention to your thoughts, after a while you’ll notice that many of them are imaginary conversations, in your head, with people you spend a lot of time with. Sounds weird but it’s true.

I suggest: Become active in online communities to find people you can do things you’re interested in with. That way you’ll find new cool friends and, of course, if those friends support your goals, keep hanging out with them! Also, if at some point you have so many cool friends that time for workouts becomes a problem, workout with your friends! ;) That’s how I do it.

Clock in waste paper basket

Don’t throw your most valuable asset in the trash can!


Whenever I see the news I think, “I’ve seen that episode already –  another terror attack in Iraq, another sports game that has absolutely zero impact on my life, and the weather.”

I watched about 3+ hours of TV a day for the first 16 years of my life and it’s gotten to the point where I pretty much know what happens next in any TV show. With some exceptions of course.

Even most documentaries these days are more about drama and putting on a good show than actual content.

The point I want to make is, 99% of television is a steaming pile. Whether or not I know what’s happens next, HOW DOES THAT MOVE ME FORWARD? Britney Spears shaved her head? The LA Lakers won the big game? So what? It has zero impact on you. All this crap is just there for you to consume and become a Zombie. Literally!

I suggest: Don’t watch it.

Apart from your time at work, you have the freedom to do ANYTHING with your life. So why not become healthy and put a stop to that envy over the ripped dudes on the beach?

Other Sports

When I was 12 years old, one of my best friends back then said that I should come to a soccer try-out, even though I was pretty bad. I continued to play for about a year and a half until I started smoking and drinking. My performance declined and I stopped giving a damn about anything anyways. Then I moved to Vietnam. Having no friends, I decided to join the local team, hoping to find some. My coach was awesome – this guy taught me a lot about soccer as well as life. However, once I started lifting, I quit. It’s not because soccer is bad or anything but I just have ZERO passion for it. It’s like asking Obama why he doesn’t play world of Warcraft lol.

I do feel sorry for people who aren’t decisive enough to just quit their sports team. I totally understand someone sticking with a sport if they love it. Hell, if you love it, why are you even here?!

I suggest: If you want to get ripped, you’ll need to develop a lot of focus. You’ll either have to reduce or quit other sports/activities. I’m also hoping that this gives you a bit of a wake up call, because I was always scared to quit certain activities, not wanting to let others down.

BUT, in order to live YOUR life you will have to let others down; just because someone else wants you to do something doesn’t mean that you should let it hold you back from making your dreams a reality.


How much time do you spend on Facebook and reading funny articles on the web? How many hours do you spend on YouTube? All of this turns you into a Consumer Zombie.

Your smartphone gives you little alerts throughout your day. It could be email, Facebook or Whatsapp. These alerts feed off your ability to concentrate only on a single task, therefore DESTROYING your focus.

It’s so hard for people these days to concentrate on a single task over long periods of time, such as working out for a couple of years or reading daily. I personally have difficulty staying off Facebook for more than a few hours.

I suggest: Don’t use social media for dating, online gaming or talking to people who you’ll never meet in person. Use social media for connecting with friends only. Delete all the apps and games, download apps that limit your time on facebook/twitter/etc and use YouTube to watch things that make you grow such as Jim Rohn’s audiobooks or YouTube channels that discuss your passions in life.


Once you’ve gotten rid of all the distractions modern society addicts you to, your life will be much more balanced, and you’ll be able to get what you want and be happy!

I’ve talked a lot about focus in this article. If you want a program focused on looking hot for chicks, check this out.

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Are You Compensating for Something? Mon, 31 Mar 2014 13:00:54 +0000 Do you look towards others to see who's best?

Do you look towards others to see who’s best?

Certain things in life are hard, really hard. For example, approaching girls – that takes a lot of courage. Or sitting down to study – especially if it’s something that doesn’t have anything to do with the job you’re going to do (ah the modern education system lol).

I’ve seen many people who lack something significant, and instead of working on it they try to make up for it with something else. Bodybuilding might actually be the best example.

When I started working out and eating healthily, I got positive social feedback and my whole life improved. Because I ate healthier, I was able to focus better in school, girls liked it and guys were like “wow man, I’m not gonna fight this big guy”. Unfortunately, like any one thing, it only gets you so far.

I thought, “when I’m big and jacked I’ll have it all.” I thought I’d get laid every day and nobody would pick on me ever again.


Some people were still disrespectful, and until I learned more about social dynamics and how to set boundaries for these people, my abs didn’t do sh*t.

I know I mentioned how looks can strongly influence your success with girls and I’m not going to lie here – it did get me laid! BUT, my gains will never sustain a serious relationship nor a prolonged sexual relationship. A guy with a great body may be a so-called “boy toy” (I know I know, it sounds great to be that, but…), you might actually develop feelings for a girl (I don’t even want to see the expression of some guys reading this  but once you are in this position you will think of Joe Brunner).

Another example would be money; obviously more money gives you a good feeling about yourself and more freedom. BUT, if you think that money will get you friends (real friends) you’ve got another thing coming.

Every positive thing you do will positively affect other areas of your life. And that’s the clue: positively affect‘, not ‘solve; it’s not the Holy Grail. The only thing that gets you somewhere is the method that’s meant to get you there. The positive effects in other areas as a result are by-products.

It would be so cool if life was like the movies where the protagonist gets this one thing that turns his life around for good. The thing is that a movie is 90 minutes and a real life is, well… more than that…

Another problem I see that goes hand in hand with ‘compensating for something’ is constant comparison with other people. Many guys and girls do that with looks and other superficial stuff. It’s a societal phenomenon.

How would our economy look if everyone was completely happy with who they were? When people are constantly comparing themselves with the status quo and their neighbours, they invest a lot of cash into it and the governments and corporations keep making more and more money.

On the other hand, if people just accepted themselves and meditated all day long to train the areas of their brains that caused them to see the world positively, they wouldn’t desire Porsche sunglasses, a fancy car and an underground sprinkler system anymore. They would a lot less money on ‘society’.

Of course, meditating all day isn’t the life everyone wants to live, but self-acceptance is an important part of life and it will stop you comparing yourself to other people and you will soon realize that there is no ‘Holy Grail’ that solves all your problems.

You Have to Take Focused Action to Get Rid of Individual Problems

Now, I think it’s fair to say that most people who have never worked-out for any significant period of time will have the view that the purpose of working out is to get a good body, and be fitter and healthier. This is true. And working out has certain health benefits that nothing else can give you.

However, it’s also one of the best things you can do for your personal development – areas such as determination and the tendency to get things done will be improved. You will also learn how to manage your psyche in order to resist temptations.

If you struggle with any of that, working out might be the single best thing you can do. A proper workout program should be considered as ‘focused action to get rid of individual problems’, but not solely something to get you a good body, and be fitter and healthier. Of course, those are excellent goals to have, but…

Working Out Can Also be Used As a Focused Action to Improve Yourself As a Person

At this juncture, I may as well take the opportunity to slip in the fact that you will also enjoy some side-benefits, such as increased positive attention from the opposite sex, and some good ego strokes ;-) (Remember, it’s not the Holy Grail, but it helps ;-) )

Now, getting solid reliable info on working-out is pretty hard (google is flooded with questionable material), so why not check out a complete guide on how to get into cover model shape? A freakin’ fitness model wrote it!

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